Challenge #30:
Genre: Thriller or romance.
Rating: T.
Likes: A rose tattoo and a yellow lab.
Hates: A blond heroine, anything about punks or Goths.
Words/phrases to use: "Who gave you the rubber chicken?" "Sorry I'm late." "I hate fried fish!"

Title: Attempts at Danger
Summary: To kill or be killed. Neither apply to her. The killing of a gang leader or the end of her life. It's not like she would care whatever the outcome. She couldn't even get the job done and it will haunt her until the end, even when love comes into play.

Beginning Note

This wasn't really the choice I wanted to get, but now that I have it and have written what I have so far, I'm beginning to be glad I got this challenge. It was in itself slightly challenging to plan and write. I probably went through ten plots before I found this one and I'm not that happy with it, but it was the better of all that I came up with. I'm sure that assassination attempts and whatever I put into this story is not what the challenger had in mind, but it came into my mind and I guess that, that is what counts. Enjoy.

Chapter One

After being called into my bosses office I was aware that something in this new case was going to awry. From what I gathered about the target he probably already knew about this attempt on his life. I didn't very well care about that, but for some reason I knew my life was going to be in far more danger for this case then it had been for the other twenty some-odd cases I had since I started working here.

I was to kill Drake Michaels, a gang leader. One of the most influential men in the world today. To say I was afraid would be stupid and wrong. To say I felt even the smallest of anger would be true and to say that I knew something bad would come of this was most definitely at the tip of my tongue.

But did I say a word to my boss of my thoughts and feelings? No. Would I? Of course not.

If there was one things I knew of my boss was that he hated when people spoke their thoughts and worries to him. He didn't care, that was simple enough to know. I had hear rumors of people who had crossed him and made him angry with their concerns, thoughts, worries. He was the one thing I was afraid off.

"Deep in thought are we?" A voice said and I looked up from my desk to smile at one of the people I knew I could trust.

"Eric," I greeted almost listlessly, "I was just thinking of my new case."

If there was another thing I learned, never mention any details of you case to fellow coworkers, as in assassins. That would be a disaster waiting to happen. Just saying you have a new case is alright but telling everything of the case…well that's just saying you'd rather find a knife in your throat in the middle of the night.

"Ah well, if I know you, you already have the mission all planned out."

"Bot quite Eric. I'm worried about a few things, but a good nights rest will probably cure me of those thoughts."

"Of course," He said glancing briefly at the bosses open doorway.


"Drake, we have a slight problem."

"What?" I asked and looked over at the man just coming into my office.



"Tessie O'Reilly, the teenage hacker."

"Right, go on."

"As I was saying Tessie found out about an attempt on your life. Some Lila Harvard is the assassin. Raven is her call-sign."

"Well then we'll just have to do something about this won't we?"


I turned my chair towards the window and looked out at the gardens below. This Lila Harvard seemed familiar to me. Well at least the name does. Maybe she murdered someone else I know off. But that would be impossible, I would know her only as Raven if that happened, not Lila Harvard.

I spun my desk chair around and opened the file that Tessie had managed to gather on this girl. Girl not being the appropriate term for her. More like Assassin, that would fit better. She is only twenty-three years of age. That got me, a year younger then myself and already having twenty kills under her belt. At her age I hadn't even been the leader of this gang, I had only been the co-leader and I hadn't killed as many as her.

Beautiful as she is, there was something about her that screamed danger. Maybe it was the steely look in her blue eyes or the faded scar on her abdomen. The next thing that got me was the rose tattoo on her left shoulder. She seemed unafraid to show it. A distinguishing mark like that and she left it in the open. It's surprising that no attempts have been made on her life.

No siblings, her parents long since dead. They had died when she was ten. Eight years of the foster system. It's a wonder that she turned to the illegal world of being an assassin. I probably would have to in her shoes. Only I never had to live in the foster system. I had been adopted and here I am not the leader of the most influential gangs in the world. A gang far more dangerous and sinister the Russian Mob, Italian Mafia, and the Irish Mob.

A sigh escaped me as I found the more dark page of her information. She had been blackmailed into being an assassin. The reason or the information being held over her head wasn't known in this file, but I would find out. For some reason it was in my mind that I deserved to know.


"Sir, we think it would be best to nab her on her way home."

"Oh and how do you propose 'we' do that?"

"Actually I meant that two of your best men would follow and nab her on her way home."

"That sound better. I don't want to be there and give her a better chance of killing me."


"Cut the yes-sir crap, you're my cousin."

"Of course Drake."

"Thank you Michael," I looked at my sixteen year old cousin and frowned.

If I could have helped it he would never have been apart of this life. But he was tied to it through his own father and was immersed in everything from the time he was five. Of course that was only the physical part. The martial arts and marksmen part of it all. The mental part came much later at the age of thirteen when he started to work for my father, well the man I knew as my father.

"Assign the men and get it over with. Don't kill her. Just bring her back here and leave her in one of the basement rooms, chained of course. We don't want her getting out."


"Michael," I said almost warningly and he smiled sheepishly at me.

"Sorry Drake."

"Don't bother with saying your sorry, we both know your not."


"Make sure it's your best men Michael, I don't want her getting away."

"Will do."

As soon as he left I was over by the window looking out at the gardens. They were beginning to show disrepair if that was possible in a garden. The flowers were dropping, turning brown. The grass was the same. But it was also overgrown. I would need to assign someone to care for it.


Later that night after a long talk with Eric and one of the computer nerds I was finally ready to leave the buildings. It appears that my concerns, worries were right. A hacker, junior at most, had gotten into the system and now knew that I was going after Drake Michaels. For once I was in far more danger then normal or was necessary. But I wasn't worried. I was perfectly fine. Let Drake or his men come after me. It would make it easier to kill him. I got into my car and started it all the while aware of the person in the shadows. Not as good at tailing as they might think. It wouldn't take much to lose them, a few side streets, alleys, etc. I would be home free apart from the extra hour added to my travel time. I slipped my favorite CD into the player and seconds later Tessie by Dropkick Murphys was blasting through the car. The song felt right for an unknown reason.

After driving out of the garage I headed away from my apartment building and proceeded to loose the tail. Loosing a tail is harder then you think. Movies make it look easy. But when you have innocent drivers and people on the sidewalks you can't do any of the things they do in the movies. But it would be nice. There are also those people called police officers. Being caught by them with guns in your trunk isn't the best of things. It's happened before, not to me but to Eric. The careless idiot.

It took longer then I thought to loose the tail and by the time I pulled into my apartments garage I was tired and my hands were killing me from gripping the wheel tightly. I retrieved the CD from the player and put it into my disc-man as I got out of the car. There were things in my car that could be left there and so I did leave them there. Then there were the files that couldn't be left there under penalty of death. Those came with me, packed away into my messenger bag. As I approached the elevator I heard footsteps behind me and I turned quickly but didn't see anyone there. I was probably just being paranoid. With a shake of my head I entered the elevator without checking it and looked down the small barrel of the handgun.

"Uh Hi?" I asked weakly and felt the disc-man being ripped from my hand.

I turned around and found myself looking at another handgun. The only thing going through my mind right now was 'oh crap, I'm screwed'. I could barely react before something was jammed into my neck. The messenger bag slipped from my arm and my legs seemingly turned to jelly. I gasped and collapsed against the wall as the man before me gather up my things. I was picked up by the first man and slung over his shoulder as a van stopped beside us. I was deposited into the back and they got in after me. The motion of the car made me sick but that wasn't the only things. The fact that I was slowly, a little too slowly, loosing consciousness. If there is one thing I fear more then my boss it's being hurt while I'm unconscious. That fear only comes to light when I'm paralyzed by stupid drug and in a van with the enemy, slowly loosing consciousness. That was my thought before the only thing I saw was the floor of the van coming up to meet my hand as everything slowly turned black.


Everything slowly started to come into focus, well it seemed like it didn't because the only thing that met me was blackness. There was no light apart from what was filtering through the door that I was facing. I tried to move and felt my arms dragging and heard chains clanging together. Not only was I in a dark place but I was also chained. Nothing could get worse then this. Footsteps were heard coming towards the door and I panicked. Things could get worse then being in a dark room and being chained. And that thing was coming right towards where I was being kept.

"Oh crap. Time to play dead."

I closed my eyes and let myself go limp on the floor.

This story is dedicated to the person who madeup the challengeand to my friends who read this and told me if it as good enough to put online. Thank you!