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Chapter Three

This past year after having kill Drake had been strange. I started being a double agent for the CIA. The people I 'killed' I never really killed. I shot them with a tranquilizer and then gave them to the CIA to keep in lockup for a few years and then to put in witness protection. Strange things started to occur a few weeks back, the first was a rose, blood red, was lying on my pillow when I got home one night. Another thing was a golden retriever followed me home from the park after I had gone running, the same dog that had been at the compound. I could tell because of the scar on one of the hind legs. Then the gun I had used to kill Drake was left in the passenger seat of my car. I was freaked out. Did I mention any of this to the CIA? No. They would probably think someone had found out about me being a double agent. I knew that didn't happen. The company had no clue, I was never being followed, my car didn't have a tracer. My apartment wasn't bugged. If they thought I was a spy or double agent they would take those precautions. Either that or they would take me into custody and try to get me to confess.

I sighed and put my hands in my pockets I went off to meet one of my friends from high school. Well actually make that two of my friends. Brianne and Brendan. Such a wonderful day full of a Fall Out Boy concert and The Midway Class' first premier concert. Of course Fall Out Boy and The midway Class aren't playing at the same concert. No, we have to ditch Brianne at Fall Out Boy and then go to The Academy where the concert is going to be held. Of course I'm not telling Brendan that Brianne is coming with us to both concerts. I could never ditch my friends.

At that though I started to laugh and one of my coworkers looked at me like I was crazy. I smiled sweetly at him and stepped into the elevator with a wicked grin on my face. Brendan would not know what hit him. Those evil thoughts were back and then the thoughts escalated into thinking about Drake Michaels. Mr. Yutzy's class would never be the same without him. What am I thinking? We're not even in high school anymore.

My cell rang suddenly and I looked at it with a groan, "Hello?"

"Hi, is this Fred's Fish Market?"

"Wrong number buddy."

"Sorry," the man said and the phone was hung up on the other end.

"Shit, I'm not going to meet with my handler, if he wants to talk he'll find me," I muttered as soon as I had left the building. "Brianne!" I shouted and waved to her as I ran towards her car.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw my handler watching me from the newspaper stand. I turned back to the car and got in without a backwards glance. She started the car and drove off so we could go to my apartment so I could change into something a little more emo, a little more me.

"So, Do you think Brendan suspects anything?"

"What you mean the fact that we didn't tell him that you were coming with us after the FOB concert?"

"Duh," She replied as she turned the corner.

I smiled at her and cranked up the music, "I hope you aren't planning on wearing that getup to the concert."

"Don't worry I plan on changing once we get to your apartment."

"That would help," I said as I looked at the business attire she wore. "So how was the book signing?"

"I wish you could have been there, why do you write under an alias anyway?"

"My job isn't the greatest Brie, they would kill me if they realized what I was writing."

"True, very true."

"You don't know what your talking about," I said to her as she pulled into the parking garage of the building I live in.

I frowned suddenly as the car pulled to a stop near the elevators. Something was wrong with my car that was also parked near here. One of the windows looked oddly different. Like there was something streaked across it or maybe the window was just broken. But if it was broken the alarm would be going off. I stepped out fo the car and headed towards me own as I threw Brianne my keys and told her to head up to my apartment. The minute the elevator doors closed with her inside. I jogged over to my car and looked at the window, it was broken and inside the car my seat was smeared with red paint or maybe it was blood. I stepped back and scanned the parking garage while my other hand reached for the k-bar attached to my leg. Suddenly something connected in my mind. I had sent Brianne, my best friend, away from me to my apartment, where someone was probably waiting to kill me.

My brain was pretty much in overdrive as were my emotions, but I kept everything in check as I raced towards the stairs. The elevator was too slow and hopefully it would stop to let people on a few times so that I could reach the floor before she got there. The best part about having a restaurant at the top of the building is the people living there love to head up to eat there and almost always clog up the elevator. I flung open the door to the stairwell and took the stairs to at a time. By the time I got to the fourth floor my legs felt like they were going to fall off but I ignored the pain and continued to run down the hall to my apartment around the corner. To late. As I skidded around the corner I saw the door open slightly and Brianne about to walk in.

"Brianne," I shouted but someone grabbed her and held a knife to her throat, "No…"

"Well, well, well if it isn't the girl who shot my cousin."

I turned the knife in my hand and made sure I could throw it from where I was. I didn't want to throw it because I could miss but I sighed and slowly slid it into my back pocket.

"Leave her out of this, she has nothing to do with what happened," I said and I was surprised that my voice shook.

"I'll let her go when you follow my directions," he said and tightened his grip on Brianne's arm.

"Alright," I said against my better judgment.

"Good, now your going to take the keys I give you and go to Ireland. When there someone is going to pick you up at the airport, your plane ticket will be under the passengers seat of the car with your passport. You'll follow the mans directions and when you reach the end point someone will call to tell me you did and I'll let the girl go."

"Fuck you," I said through clenched teeth as I caught the keys he gave me.

"I'd get going if I was you, you only have 20 hours and when those twenty hours are up and you aren't at the end point…"

I spun on my heel and ran once more.

"So she's on her way here?"

'Yes, she should be there within twenty hours. She won't willingly let her friend die.'

"I still don't like what you did."

'Live with it cousin, this lady shot you, almost killed you, and you are mad at me for using her friend against her.'

"That's not the way I work and you know it," I bit out roughly.

'Well it's how I work.'

"You not even twenty yet and your saying…"

'Drake, I do what I do to survive, you taught me that.'

"I didn't teach you to use other people against someone to survive."

'This is my way.'

I changed the subject, "So when did all of this occur?"

'About ten hours ago.'

"And your just calling me now?"

'She just landed at the airport.'

That's what you think. I mused and then said, "Okay, I'll call you when she arrives in what, six hours?"

'That's how long it should take.'

I hung up on him and went into the living room where my visitor waited almost impatiently. Her heels clicked restlessly against the wood floor as she tapped her left heel against the floor. Her face was marred by the frown she wore but when she noticed me her frown turned into a smile, albeit a pissed off smile. She came towards me and put her arm around my waist when I moved my right arm to accommodate her.

"It didn't take you as long as he thought."

"I got an earlier flight and you know computers are a wonderful thing. I had my contact at the airport put a repeat on the tape when I first came into the airport, so that it played again when he saw the other plane land."

"Well, at least we have ten hours before I really need to call in," I whispered suggestively.

"Then let's go get some fried fish," she said effectively getting away from my implied thoughts.


"What's wrong with fried fish?"

"I'd rather eat sushi."

"Me too, I hate fried fish!"

"But you just-"

"Oh shut up, can't you take a joke?"

"Oh by the way, why did you not want to talk with me earlier?"

"Because buddy you're my handler and I had a concert to go to."

"Well if you had talked to me I would have told you about Michael's plan. It's your own fault you didn't listen."

"I know that, but can you please call now and say I showed up a little early. I would rather my friend be away from your slightly insane cousin."

"Fine, now why don't you go shower and get some sleep, you look like hell."

"Aww, thanks for the compliment."

I rolled my eyes and shooed her out of the room with a quick push. She glared back at me as she thoughtfully closed the door and moments later I could hear her heels clicking rapidly against the wood of the stairs as she ran up them to the third floor. I picked up the phone on the desk and dialed a number easily remembered. It had only been fifteen minutes since I had last spoken to him and I wondered how he was going to take the latest news.

"Release the girl," I said the moment he picked up.


"I said release the girl, her friend has showed up."

'Impossible, she was just at the airport.'

"I'm sure if you checked in with your man at the airport you would find out that she hasn't shown up yet and that someone looking like her left the airport almost four hours ago."

'How could she have gotten there so soon?'

"She has connections at the air force base and got a ride on one of their new planes that is supersonic and she got here in less then an hour from take off."

'Damn, we need to get us one of those.'

We already have one, I said to myself and then spoke aloud, "Let the girl go and apologize for scaring her."

I didn't wait for an answer and instead hung up the phone and left the office to join Lila upstairs. We had a lot to talk about.

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