This is very different from anything I have written before. It is pretty dark with underage graphic sexual situations. If this offends please don't continue to read. i would really like the feed back. All characters are mine and the story is mine. The title came from the song Always by Saliva and the theme for the story is based on the same.

I love him.

I think I should say that first. I know that he loves me. How you ask? Because he tells me everyday. Not with empty words or meaningless actions but with true devotion.

I met him in middle school. We were just two white suburban boys looking for ourselves. I met him around the back of St. Mary's Middle school with a blunt between his lips. He has always been taller than me, in my eyes a walking sex. His limp mahogany locks and dull green eyes spoke to me that day in a way that he never could. I just wasn't listening or maybe I was blind. All I saw was what I wanted to see another person to share this miserable life with. I leaned against the pristine white walls beside him. We stayed like that a painted tableau not saying a word or acknowledging each other. Something pale caught my eye and as I turned to look, I was confronted with his blunt. I took it and took a puff all without speaking. I handed it back to him and he accepted without a glance. He pushed his tall lanky frame off the wall and walked off, jumping over the fence leaving me alone. I stood there for a while staring at the spot where he had been. Unconsciously I moved over turning my face to press my cheek into the wall where his warmth still lingered. I closed my eyes believing I could still smell his scent. It was intoxicating. It was obsessive. And I was his.

I saw him around school but we never spoke. He had his friends and I had none. I knew his schedule and every item of clothing he possessed, he had no clue I existed. I knew his favorite foods and his extreme dislike of peas. His friends could be said to be enamored of me. After all would they touch me and speak to me at every opportunity making my popularity sour? Admittedly they touched me to shove me or offer the occasional punch and our conversations did not progress much beyond the disgusted fag comment and derogatory put down, I still reveled in the attention. Because of them I was the most popular unpopular ever. I think even then, they must have all felt the connection between us and that's why they focused on me.

You see, even if he didn't know who I was, he fucked me twice a week. We met behind St Mary's Middle school a week after we shared the blunt. Me with my pants around my knees and cheek to the wall. My hands spreading myself open for him like a sacrificial offering. I knew he would come and he didn't disappoint me. He didn't hesitate when he found me like that, as if it were his due, he unzipped himself. When I heard the slow slide of the metal I closed my eyes. I could feel my skin ripple in anticipation. I knew it was going to hurt the first time, I thought I had lubed myself enough. There is never enough lube without love. He pierced me with a single thrust his coarse jeans caressing my warm skin. A low grunt was the only sound to pass his lips as his slender fingers dug into my pale hips. I gasped in pain my teeth involuntarily tearing my bottom lip. I could feel my ass spazzing trying to find relief my butt cheeks trembling uncontrollably, tears running down my alabaster cheeks. He didn't pause. His only concession to my pain being the flicker of his tongue around the rim of my left ear before he began pistoning in my tight hole. It burned so bad my knees buckled if not for his hands on my hips I would have fallen. The wall was scraping my cheek raw causing my tears to sting. Even through the pain, I could faintly hear myself whispering, "Hurt me more. Hurt me more." I could taste his breath and breath him in with every aching breath I took. He came quickly that first time. He pulled out shooting his load on my asshole. I felt his cum running down the back of my thighs even as he zipped himself up again. When I opened my eyes he was gone. I looked down wanting needing to see the evidence of his desire for me. That's when I saw it, the blood dripping on my pants and I fainted.