Maybe one day...

I put pen to paper
in hopes to do
some kind of justice
to my feelings for you.

But I sit here, waiting
andnothing comes.
I feel so damn stupid;
I can't express my love.

How every morning I wake
and wish you were there
instead of the cold, and unyielding,
empty pocket of air.

I love you, my Phil,
more than you'll know -
and more than, unfortunately,
I'll be able to show.

But I will keep trying and trying
to show you my dear
that thoughts of life without you
are shrouded with fear;

That I long for your touch,
a view of your face,
a kiss from your lips,
and that long-held embrace.

I love you, my dear,
that's all I will say -
and maybe, just maybe,
I can say more one day.