Bright thirteen years old young lass
entered into the high school, and
stepped into the world
full of boys, drugs and sex.
She was A– straight student but involved
into wrong crowd.

Sweet sixteen years old sweetie
got boyfriend. She still involved in
wrong crowd. Her first kiss like
a perfect moment they met. They were in love
since they first met.
She lost her virgin to her boyfriend
because she loves him so much.

Cute eighteen years old babe now
finished completed her HSC.
After HSC, one night at party
her boyfriend end up drunk.
So she asks one of her friend
drove them home. She had done it.

"Watch out, Annie!"

Their nightmare turned into blackout by
screaming and noise of helping that shattered their life.
Now she lost her life after she end up into the hospital.
Her boyfriend was heartbroken when he heard that he
lost his girlfriend and his child.
He blamed to God,
Why does he take his love one away?

Her life was gone forever!