Cute Girl and Beautiful Girl were close friends.
Boys had crush on Beautiful Girl.

Cute Girl doesn't care about it.
Cute Girl knows Beautiful Girl very well so she
knows that Beautiful Girl was not slut.

Cute Girl was interested in flirt with boys
than Beautiful Girl. The boys like Cute Girl.
The boys and Cute Girl were friends but
think she's cute and cheeky girl.
Crushers want go out with Beautiful Girl.

Beautiful Girl had boyfriend and loves him.
Cute Girl was single lass and loves to have
fun with guys and flirt with them.
Beautiful Girl wants Cute Girl to have boyfriend.
Cute Girl was not ready to move on into
a new relationship with a guy.

The two girls were friends forever and
girls were jealous of them because boys like them.
They laughed and giggled about boys and sex.
The Beautiful Girl knows Cute Girl
very well and Cute Girl keeps check out hot boys and cars.

The friendship won't change them anything.
Cute Girl knows Beautiful Girl stay
with her boyfriend forever.
Beautiful Girl knows one day Cute Girl's
ex-boyfriend will come back into
her life and take her back again.

They were friends forever!
No matter what happens, they will stay together forever!