You jumped over the gate, and like so many times before, you launched off the top before landing on the other side. There, you flopped over on your side. Your favorite way to lie, since you were just a kitten and laid that way in my arms for the first time. "Such a beautiful little kitten," they cooed, "such a beautiful little boy." So many times you would lay like that, for us to rub your belly, or for the dog chew on your ears, a patient saint, an Angel. We cuddled in the bad times, and played in the good times but you were always there, mostly rolling around on the floor but sometimes running around or chasing me. You caught balls and string, and moles and birds, we called you 'The Great White Hunter' as you roamed your domain, mostly inside, but always looking for a chance to escape, to the outside world. You wore the most glorious white coat, and had beautiful pointed markings, a flame point, they classified you as, but you were never truly 'classified', you were your own cat and no one bossed you around. How is it then that when you fell, and I knelt down to pet you, you did not get up, and when I picked you up you went truly limp, in my arms. Not an hour before, you sat on my lap as I read a book, and not two minutes before you had been wrestling with the dog, putting him in his place, as you had to do several times a day. But now you lie, unmoving in an eternal slumber, when it seems only yesterday, we met for the first time. And as you drive away, I realize I did not hug you goodbye. So wait for me in Heaven, because I'll see you again someday, and when I do, I'll hold you tight, my little Angel.