Door to Love

Will you open this door so
You can take an unanticipated tour
Find something that settles, circulates
And firmly embraces at the core
Lose your breath as it beats and repeats
Just a little faster than you're used to
It flutters at the essence of emotion

It is at times like this
The best of love's moments
You could never question
Whether or not to open up
Allowing the possibilities of adoration

If you open this door, will you regret
Down the line will you long to forget
The palpitations that were squeezed from your heart
Will you long for those breaths
You shared in a soul's kiss
There maybe nights when you wake with an ache that strums to a lost tune
But then again you may be carried along on a wisp of bliss filled titillation
If you open, if you open, if you open
That door.