Chapter Four

Evelyn walked into the office, almost making it to her chair before Anne literally pounced on her.

"Spill spill spill," she repeated.

"Spill what?" Evelyn asked.

Anne put her hands on her hips and gave a fake pout. "Only something that involves you could turn Steven into a bastard."

"What are you talking about?" Evelyn asked, trying to play dumb.

She didn't want to talk about Steven right now. He and she weren't exactly on each other's good sides at the moment. She was thankful that he called her last night, sensing her discomfort from miles away, and giving her an excuse to leave the Lunar Den.

"Don't play dumb," Anne said. "I've heard Steven mumbling and cursing about some guy earlier."

"Are you serious?"

"No, I'm Anne."

"Ha ha ha," Evelyn said sarcastically. "Be serious, please."

Anne put her hands up in mock surrender. "Fine, but spill."

"Last night I did go out to a bar with a guy," she said. "And that's it."

Anne was watching her with eager eyes until she said the last part. "That's it? No kiss, no fuck," –Evelyn gave her a glare—"no hug."

Evelyn was about to say something in reply, but Steven came up to her and Anne. He gave them a big, fake smile. "How are you two today?"

"I'm doing very well," said Anne, smiling evilly. "Evelyn was just telling me about her hot date."

Evelyn glared at Anne. "Is that so?" Steven asked.

Anne nodded. "She was telling me about how he held her oh so gently in his arms." She pretended to swoon. "And let's not forget about his glorious, lush lips. The kiss was absolutely-"

"Fuck you," Steven interrupted harshly before walking away.

Evelyn watched him as he walked off. "My my," Anne said. "Someone sure does have a temper."

"Leave him alone," said Evelyn.

"What? I was only messing with him. He knows that."

Evelyn shook her head. "I better go talk to him," she said.

"Good luck," Anne called to Evelyn as she walked off.

Steven hesitated for a second with his typing when he felt a presence behind him, her presence. He didn't want to talk to her at that moment. He was angry and felt betrayed.

He had called her last night, sensing her nervousness miles away. When she told him she was at a bar—the Lunar Den—with some guy, jealousy quickly over took him. But then he realized what she had said, the Lunar Den. What was she doing at a place like that? The place was known to him and a few others as a popular hangout for the local shape-shifters. No wonder she felt so nervous. But who did she know that was a shape-shifter?

An individual flashed in his mind, the guy who returned Evelyn's purse yesterday. Right when Steven walked into the lobby, the hairs on his neck prickled from the energy that radiated off the guy. Instantly, he knew that the guy was a shape-shifter. What kind was he though?

He knew that Evelyn lied to him about the guy, but why did she. A thought occurred to him. She lied because he was the one she went out with. But why would she go out with him? Surely she could sense the dangerous energy surrounding him, even with the little magic she had left.

A pang of hurt clenched Steven's heart. Was she that oblivious to how he felt about her? Everyone, but her could tell. Could she really not tell by everything that he did for her? Or does she know and wishes to not acknowledge it.

"Steven," she said cautiously.

"Not now, Evelyn," he said, keeping his face toward the computer screen and typing away.


"I'm busy working right now. Maybe you should be doing that too. We'll talk on break."

"I'm sorry," she said quietly. "I'll probably never see that guy again."

Steven looked at her as she walked away, knowing that they'll not talk at break and that what she said would probably turn out to be quite the opposite. He had a feeling that the shape-shifter guy would come into their lives again.

Nathan walked into his parent's house. He saw his mother, Piper, sitting at the small round table that was in the kitchen.

Piper was second in charge of the pack, next to his father. She was petite and beautiful with curly blonde and green eyes. She looked completely harmless and fragile, but no one crossed her. She was one of the most powerful dominants in the pack and could be intimidating when needed to be. That was one of the reasons she was Wolf Queen.

"How are you?" she asked him.

He sat down in the chair and shrugged. "Where's dad? He called saying he wanted to talk to me."

Piper frowned. "Your father saw you last night at the bar." Nathan's body tensed. "He said you were with a human."

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" came the angry voice of his father, Darien, behind him.

Nathan turned around and glared at his father, the Wolf King. Darien and Nathan shared the same dark gray eyes, but his hair was short and black. His father was tall and big. Not big as in fat, but big as in much muscled and very intimidating. Nathan learned a long time ago not to fear him. He always wondered how a guy like him managed to get a woman like his mom.

"You are getting a mate—one that is one of us," Darien continued. "This mate could end the feud with the other pack."

"No," Nathan yelled, standing up from his chair. The air in the room grew heavy, due to the angry out worldly energy from the two werewolves. "A better way to end the feud is to fight that Wolf King. You know you can beat him."

"It's not that easy," growled Darien.

"And me marrying Jessica is," Nathan said. "I don't like her. I've seen and talked to her before. She's a slut, self-centered, and in no fit to be a Wolf Princess."

"Don't you dare talk about your future mate like that. And don't you get an attitude with me. I am Wolf King and your father. I deserve to be treated with—"

"With what?" Nathan interrupted. "Respect," he spat.

"Yes," said Darien.

An animal like growl came out of the human mouth of Nathan. He couldn't stand to look at the man before him. He couldn't stand to hear his voice anymore. He looked to his mother and gave her an apologetic smile. She returned his look with a smile of sympathy.

He turned to walk out of the house. "Don't you dare walk out of my house," his father's angry voice yelled behind his retreating form.

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