He watched her with an interest, a passion he kept locked away…

And he hoped for her sake that she'd never find out.

But one day, it slipped.

She had smiled at him, or so he thought,

And it was as if she were allowing him to look:

To nurture his lusts.

He became bolder…

He felt that maybe, he could gaze at her,

Instead of just glancing when her back was turned.

He became careless,

With what he once never wanted her to know.

The one mistaken smile had made him ravenous...

Too late, he realized his mistake…

The girl was not his to love.

Too late, he realized she was already taken…

And when he realized it, he could not believe.

His thoughts were warped, and he knew she loved him.

He would be the one to treat her right.

One day, he saw her…

She was by herself, shivering in chilling winds.

Approaching, he greeted her, this being his chance.

And she looked confused, but said hello to be polite.

He told her she could go home with him.

She refused.

Looking at him, there was fear in her eyes.

In his warped mind, he knew she couldn't say no.

So he dragged her away, holding her mouth shut.

He wouldn't let her reject him now.

That day was her last…

He used her, until he had to let her go away.

And he cried when he was left holding the listless corpse.

She couldn't live though…

He knew she had to go.

So he clung to her figure one last time, and then threw what had Been a sacred life into the sea…

There, she could love nobody, nobody else.