For a Daughter of The King

You're a Princess

My precious daughter,

You are like the sunshine's rays

The dazzling stars at night.

You're a divine beauty

Whom I never let out of my sight.

I created you're inmost being

Your uniqueness to shine bright.

You are like a white rose

One without thorns

One that will never spoil

You're a beautiful jewel

In my crown,

I'll always lift you up when you're down.

Never are you far from my thoughts

So many of you I have

Countless like the grains of sand

On the seashores

I have so many special things to show you

So many awesome things I have in store for you.

See my plans for you

Are To prosper you

To give you a hope

And a future

For you to be healthy and happy and know of my love

Always and forever.

And to always remember

Never will I leave you or forsake you.