It's like being up all night. You're driving me to the ocean, and I love the look of your bright blue eyes staring back at me in the light of the rear-view mirror. Every rock upon the beach seems to be outlined in white crayon, the way the rising sun reflects off of them. The Other's move quickly along the shoreline, picking up sticks and shells to examine on their way, leaving us behind. I could go with them, and fall into the groove, but I don't like to be away from you. So I sit quietly, with you standing closely. I can tell that we're both staring off into the same direction when my skin prickles.

Would it be wrong to love you? I ask myself, eyes wide, as if feigning innocence in the most obvious of ways.

That's when you place your arms around my shoulders, and the sun finally rises up over the mountains. That's what it's like, knowing.

AN: It's about the power of love, and how it can cause you to stray from the crowd, and find comfort within your new found dependance on one other. It stems from an experience I've had. Particularly the comment on the rocks.