The Witches' Gathering

By the moon light in the black night,

Enter spirit into the light,

Guide us by your bloody perverse,

Grant us the power of the curse,

By the power in the forest,

The domain of the witches' nest,

Chanting by the crimson kindles,

Gathered by the molten candles,

Glowing is the witches potion,

Steam rises in deadly motion,

Softly speaking satanic spells,

Gently ringing the iron bells,

Witches rave at the sky,

By the moon's light they fly,

Raving at the stone wall,

To the deadened they call,

They call to the spirits,

With unholy lyrics,

By our power, rise our spirits,

Sing by our black sanguine lyrics,

Come to us, gathered by fire,

Grant us power for desire!

Potion foams while witches raving,

Potion for their darkness craving,

Preparing for mutilations,

Ranting till the conjuration,

Holding hands in dark allegiance,

Wanting power for their vengeance,

Steam is rising from the vessel,

Through the night by its bloody soul,

Now upon the hour,

Rising by the power,

Ravens fly from the moon,

Demon rise from the dune,

Completing the divination,

Phantoms rise from the concoction,

Yes, our master, grant us powers!

Let us rule in metal towers!

Grant us all our dark desires,

As we worship by the fire!

Yes, our master, feel our hatred,

Grant us power to raise the dead,

Let us rule by baneful morals,

Death and hatred to all mortals,

Send the people to bloody pits,

Send them screaming with burning sticks!

On the people casting judgement,

Screaming in squalid confinement,

By the moon the witches fly,

Casting death across the sky!