Trapped inside myself

My soul is trapped

In this hellish prison

I can not leave or escape

I try, but it sucks me back in

I need to keep quiet.

I can't let anyone know

About this hellish ground in which I am held

I'm a prisoner in my own home

Trapped like a rat in this stupid house

"You are the devil's child" she says

"You've changed so much" she says

Of course I've changed!

I'm older and wiser now

I see thing that I couldn't before!

"You've become rebellious" she says

Of course I have

I need to get out

I need fresh air to breathe

Someone help me escape

I can't take it anymore!

My soul is begging to be free

I want to let it out

Let it breathe the air it wants to

I've come out of my shell

This me that you now see

This is the person that's been hiding for so long

This person which you call rebellious

And wish wasn't here

It's me!

It's me you see

This is the real me

I'm sorry if you don't like it

This part of me has always been there

It's just been inside

Now it's out

It was begging to come out

And now it is

So here you have it

This is the real me