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Summary: Living on the streets has never been more difficult. When Faith is caught by the police for breaking into a car, she finds herself working off her debt to the owner by becoming a maid in their household. Even after she escapes she can't stop herself from running into her memories all over the place. Rated for language.


Sobs choked her throat. Tears blinded her sight. She didn't know where she was going. Everything looked the same to her. All feeling, all concept of life had gone. All she knew was that she was running. As hard as she could, with no intention of stopping.

They jeered and yelled at her. Calling her things that would have made her sick were she paying attention. Her long dull brown hair streamed out behind her. Tears fell freely from her brown eyes. Her legs ached with the effort, but she couldn't stop. They would get her for sure.

Something solid and cold hit her and she fell over, sobbing in despair. Why did there have to be a wall there? They were approaching swearing at her with words she had never heard in her life. The first one kicked the side of her head, and pain tore through it. More kicks and punches assaulted her, the feeling going deeper than her skin. All the pain hit her heart, bringing more choking cries to her lips.

Then it was over. She was being carried, half blinded by pain away from the floor, and that terrible place. A warm blackness engulfed her and she passed out.


There was a fuzzy haze to everything. Her head ached and her eyes watered with the pain in her limbs. Vague voices seemed to be everywhere.

"Holy crap she's awake!"

"Ben! Language!"

"What?! It's just a word!"

She tried to speak, but her throat was raw from crying.

"Jesus Christ, you okay?"

Everything became clear. The girl sitting next to her looked about the same age. She had short blonde hair and happy blue eyes. Her grin was carefree. The boy next to her looked about ten and almost identical in character.

"What happened?" she gasped.

"You got a right pasting from those guys," the girl said. "We thought you were dead."

"Oh and you're in our apartment," the boy added. "What's your name?"

Everything swam as she answered before passing out again.


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