Epilogue- A love not even the heart understands.

"Go ahead say it." I said with a roll of my eyes as I took a sip from my Coke.

"Say what?" Isabelle asked with a grin. I sighed.

"'I told you so.' I know you've been dying to say it since I started my shift." She smiled and leaned her head in the palm of her hand, tilting it to the side slightly before answering;

"Now why would I do that?" She asked sarcastically, I smiled and shook my head lightly but she continued, "Oh right! cause I was absolutely right about you and Nick being madly in love with each other, and now its time for me to… 'Make you eat your own words' was it?" I laughed.

"Okay, you were right and I was wrong. I'll admit it." She grinned and I knew it was coming even before she said it,

"I told you so."

"You told her what?" Nick asked as he came up behind me, wrapping an arm around my waist.

"She told me I was in love with you and I denied it." I explained as I leaned into him.

"So all it took for you to realize you loved me was to call me a jackass?" I laughed and turned in his arms so I could wrap my arms around his neck.

"What can I say? Jack ass is a confusing word." He smiled before leaning down and kissing me lightly. Isabelle made fake gagging noises before saying with a smile,

"Get a room."

"They already did last night. And I had the pleasure of walking in on them the morning after." Frankie said as he came over and wrapped an arm around Lily. I raised an eyebrow finding something I knew would embarrass the crap out of him.

"Like I did with you and Lilz?" Lily blushed wildly and Frankie stuttered nervously, while Isabelle and Nick laughed as I grinned triumphantly. Frankie started defending himself, but I wasn't really listening as I zoned out, thinking of how much my life changed in the past few months.

I found out that my best friend and brother are dating and as another big shocker, last night they announced that Frank popped the question and Lily, of course, excepted. I was to be the maid of honor, while Nick was made the best man. Lily asked Isabelle to be a bridesmaid as well as Erin.

Speaking of Erin she and Vinny showed up after the ball dropped announcing they were now a couple. I was definitely relieved hearing that, now Vinny would definitely stay off my back, hopefully anyway. I got a great job that I adore and I even snagged the babe, so yes that does mean me and Nick are officially a couple. It still surprised me since we really never got along, only when we had to… and even that was a problem.

I guess when his mother came everything changed. And yea that whole pretending thing actually didn't turn out that bad… Marie and I became close and she doesn't hate me anymore, even though I'm starting to think she never really did… I feel like I got a little sister now, since I love Brie so much.

And hey, I even got a great friend out of the deal; Nick. When we were pretending to be a 'couple' I saw a new side of him that I think was part of why I fell for him so bad. Yeah, I'm actually admitting that I fell for Nick… with out calling him a jackass. So who knows maybe it's just a love not even the heart understands, but I definitely wouldn't change it for the world.

A/N: I know, I know… its really, really short but that's the best I can do! Ive been stuck, hence my lack of updating. I never really wrote an epilogue before so if I sucked im sorry I just wanted to write one cuz so many of you wanted one…. So yea this is the end of the story now, I really hope you liked it. please review, and thanks for those who did.

Ri- no this wasn't based on a true story, that would definitely be weird if my grandparents had a crazy monkey running around ; )but I did write it as a dedication to them because at the time that I came up with this story, my grandma was in the hospital and I really thought she wasn't going to make it, so I wanted to write something as a dedication to her, and since my grandfather meant a lot to me, him as well. Thanks for reviewing ; )