A Melting Candle Of Humility

In this world, you are my only consolation,

The one place where I can run away and hide,

You are my comfort in the darkness, a beacon of light,

And no matter how alone I feel, you'll always be by my side.

You are my strength, my weakness, my power,

My friend, my enemy, my confusion,

It is because of you that I am in this world,

But it's paradise fantasy is just an illusion.

You are like a candle that melts as it glows,

The wax trickles away and the flame grows dimmer,

You are my sadness, my ecstasy, my anger,

Like when blood boils and begins to simmer.

You are my food, my thirst, my salvation,

I depend on you yet you depend on no one,

Your power and forseeing is so great,

That you can outdo anyone.

Don't leave me, don't deceive me, don't desert me,

Just guide me and hide me and teach me,

I have no one in this world but you,

My consoler, my friend, my humility...