Sometimes people don't think we exist.

Even those who believe in the One we serve tend to forget us. It is all rather, should I say, ironic. Every day we wait, every day we listen. We protect His children. When they fall, when they stumble, when they fear—we are always there, bearing them with outstretched arms and shielding away the darkness that threatens to consume them.

His children.

It is strange really, He created them to love Him and for Him to love. Yet He gave them freedom of choice, which He must have known would ultimately cause the hurt and the pain that exists today. Sometimes I wonder why He did it. Why did He make Adam, down in Eden? Why did He pull forth the lovely Eve? It still bewilders me, and I think that the only one who will ever understand will be the Lord Himself.

But I have seen through the ages and the erosion of time, how His children have caused Him much pain, and how He always went down to pick them up. His heart is with every one of them. I can feel it, every time I am on that earth, every time my feet touch the gravel, or the sand, or the concrete, or the ever rare soil. I can tell, just by looking through the crowds, who His children are. All around them is His mark, no matter how much or how little they are committed to Him, His protection is always with them.

I marvel at God, all the time.

But, it is obvious that He is to be marveled at.

When I wish for no more than to smite every single child upon that tiny planet, He raises a hand and watches quietly. No, He says, little more than a whisper.

Then my Lord draws me closer, and parts the clouds. The earth sprawls out beneath Him, the people running about like little ants on a crumble of sugar. He watches, and He smiles—sad and slow.

There, my angel.

Look at them. See the light in them that fights to break through.

Do you see that, Kazarel?

I look to my Lord, and the love I see is beyond my comprehension.

Yes Lord, but why?

A still voice.

Why what, Kazarel?

Why? Why do you love them?

Because. Just, because.

A/N : I wrote something. Smiles. Erm well, I don't know much about angels, and I was worried it would be blasphemous! Haha..But in any case, I woke up one morning and wrote this. The morning before Youth Camp. Enjoy.