From out of the shadows comes a dream through the forest
His footsteps soft thunder against the dark earth
Into the moonlight, so pale and so fragile
He disturbs very little as he slips between trees

The case at his side holds his very own soul
Looking at others, he imagines his whole
Remembering the pieces that he's hidden away
He's scared they'll drift far on any slight wind

Guarding it close, he won't lift the lid
For anyone or anything that tries to come near
His own self included, he won't trust a soul
The violin case is all he has left

A place along roadside he encounters a dame
Who becomes like his own; someone he loves
She sidles in closer, so soft and so caring
Attempting to love all that he offers

Soon wedded to him, attempting a life
He tried to give her each bit that he had
But somehow he knew that he never could
The last part of him was locked away tight

His heart and his mind he handed to her
But he couldn't give over what was locked in his case
Days passed and days ended; soon he took chances
Step forward he did, to change tides of life

He handed her the case, alone in the woods
Where first he stepped forth at the fore of his journey
She tenderly took from his hands his case
Settled to the ground and began to unlock

As soon as she opened the last he had left
He knew that somehow his life would be changed
But for worse, he didn't know it would be
He died in that forest, so uneasy, so lost

What happened among those trees so green
Gives mystery new meaning, his body unseen
No soul alive knows this sad story
Of the lovers that died within the dream forest

All that we know is there was a case
The violin missing and nothing inside
Except for a mark that was burned in its cover
Two crimson hearts; so fiery, so broken