©Copyrighted by, Black Cat Press Werewolf By Laura Rasmussen Part One Hath Chapter One Empty?

I walked through the town in a grey t-shirt, torn deep-blue jeans, a blue scarf, and a long, black trench coat. The air smelled like rain and cigarette smoke, 3 days old. Ew. Everything seemed grey and dead except for the yellow light spilling from the flickering streetlights. Spare raindrops fell through the air as I looked up to the plain white sky. I liked days like this, it had just rained, everything was drying, and my nose wasn't going crazy with all the scents and smells. Too bad the smell of my rotting life didn't wash away as easily.

My hands and feet were wrapped in strips of off-white cloth, but not to protect them from the cold. I hid them for a reason that I kept to myself. I never removed my trench coat in public for the same reasons. Nor did human eyes see my wrists arms and neck. I was constantly hiding, I had no friends the few that I had once had were not as trustworthy as I had hoped…. And they had known too much.

Without companionship, I became quiet, spiteful. On the outside, I would tell myself that I didn't need any friends, that I didn't need any companions, but on the inside…. I didn't know what I felt or wanted. I didn't feel as though I was lonely. Though I guess I was. On the inside I was empty of emotion, but not empty. I had my thoughts, common sense and reasoning, and my secret. The burden I had carried my entire life that had confined me to isolation nearly every waking moment. It would lay half resting, till the full moon floated across the sky, then it would consume me until the sun took its place above earth leaving me with no memory of the night before.

My name is Hath Kliore' and I am a

Werewolf by birth in the year of 2399

Chapter Two My History

Boredom came and went like the seasons that surrounded me; I would feel so satisfied, only to later long for a purpose and life that my ancestors before me had lived. I had lived with my family and many other groups of my kind in a clan. Blood clan. We had been feared through out what little was left werewolf territory. We were the strongest warriors our kind had to offer. I was Five years old and good with a bow when man came, and with them they brought guns. We didn't have many ways to defend ourselves from the bullets, and many of our people had died before it came to my family.

My mother was a strong and sturdy woman, with a thin face and fur and hair that was such a light blonde it seemed white. I look much like she had. My father was nearly opposite, his skin was somewhat tan from sun and his hair was Raven black. The only thing he shared in common with my mother was their spirit and their love for each other. You could find a smaller, smooth, thinner, (and MUCH PALER) version of him in my twin sister, Jazzkiss. I also had a baby brother named Krale the time. He had shadow black fuzz all around his body while in full form, but it retreated back to his head after the full moon. He had my mother's eyes, like me, cold, icy blue in the iris's center, yet indigo on the edges. My father and sister had blood red eyes that made them look like demons with paws and fury ears. It would be a long time until I saw any of them.

They came one cold, rainy night. The humans started shooting and yelling, their gruff voices filling our ears, "Kill them all! KILL THEM ALL!" My father yelled to my mother as she began ushering us to the cellar door. I looked back over my mother's arm to see my father grab a sword and block the group's way to my hurried family.

I heard more yelling as I sat in the corner of the damp cellar with my shivering sister who held wide-eyed brother. My mother sat down putting Jazzkiss between us. I looked up to where the ground met our house, and instinctively started to dig and claw there, and soon the small hole grew bigger.

My gap was big enough to see very well out of. The pads on my paws were scratched and torn, and my claws ached, but it didn't matter. Suddenly there was a bang, and a thud that shook the floorboards. The baby wailed as blood seeped through the ceiling. The sound of stomping feet took place of the fighting as my mother tried in vain to quiet Krale. I clawed at the gap until it was big enough to get through. My sister went first with the babe, and the moment the door flung open she was free. I began to climb out until they grabbed my mother. She let out a scream as one dark, shadowy man took her arm and held a knife to her throat. I ran out back to my mother's aid, laying a large and gruesome scratch that covered his right eye, his nose and his mouth his hands flew to his face, blood gushing through his fingers and down his neck. My mother was dead in a second, with smoke billowing from a rifle behind the injured man. It had been held by a scared, pale looking young man. I may have been only five years old, but I was still something to be feared. I took his facial features into focus as I stored them in them in the back of my mind he had fire red hair, and just about a million freckles. Tears burned my cheeks and eyes. "YOU KILLED HER!" I yelled as I began to bend my legs to a pouncing position. "I WILL KILL YOU! I'LL RIP OUT YOUR SPINE AND EVERYTHING ELSE THAT WILL HURT! YOU SHALL DIE!" I bared my fangs in a vicious growl only to have my sister pull me out, kicking and screaming.

We ran into the woods, so far, so far. We were finally in a place in the forest that we didn't recognize, which was very hard to find. We sat together for warmth while we discussed our options. We couldn't do back, we couldn't never go back. I buried my face into my paws, as salty tears burned my torn pads. Everything was over, I would never see my mother again, nor my father.

We decided to split up; she would go Krale to find the survivors of my clan, while I would go see if I could find any humans who weren't bent on destroying my people. I loved my sister and brother, but I new that they could not come with me; it was too dangerous. Leaving them was almost as hard as leaving my parents, but they would never be gone, I swore to find them revenge, and I would start with the red head boy who shot my mother.

Chapter 3 Werewolf Biology

Now for a short lesson on the ways and looks of the werewolf:

the full moon is not overhead, Werewolves have five main characteristics:

Wolf ears

Bushy, furry tail

Furry hands and feet, included with claws

Thick, mane-like ring of fur around neck and wrists

Sharp wolf-like teeth

2. When the full moon is in the night sky werewolves have other tributes:

Complete wolf figure

Sharp claws

Strong jaws

Very large: from head to tail: 7.5ft from fore-paws to head: 6ft

3. Werewolves also have characteristics that are shown no matter what stage they may be in:

Fur and hair color is consistent. General fur colors can be: Fox Red, White, Blonde, Black, Brown (light/medium/dark), and Grey.

Each werewolf has a sign/marking imprinted under one eye. This is seen on the werewolf in full and half form.

Eye color is consistent. Eyes may be any color.

Werewolves can come from all over the world, but they are extremely intelligent and can learn new languages very quickly. Most Werewolves live in moving packs, but some are loners that roam human cities, disguised. The packs usually contain 6 to 8 werewolves but sometimes carry 4 to 2 or 10 to 20. Though these said groups usually die out due to being easily found and killed by humans or not being able to support themselves.

Chapter 4 A decapitated Surprise

I walked down the alley while the streetlights turned off and the sun turned on. Then I noticed that sound was erupting from my gut throwing my instincts into gear. I moved towards the busy road and where most people were walking.

"I'm hungry…." I murmured to no one.

The dawn's light stunned me and blurred my vision for a while as I strode onto the sidewalk. I blended into the crowd while I thought. There were a lot of places to eat in this city (which from the signs and billboards I took to be New York City), but for a werewolf they were a lot of places to steal from. And if the humans didn't like that maybe they could provide something if not provide something better. So I looked for the easiest place to grab a meal: Somewhere I hadn't already hit.

I finally saw a place that looked like it wasn't busy yet, but would be later. That way I knew I wouldn't cause to big a ruckus and the owner wouldn't feel a large loss. I didn't want to be a bad person, and I tried not to be. So I headed to the front door of Red Butchery. I stopped in front of the door and looked up and the giant, smiling, cardboard cow that was exclaiming 'Red Butchery is THE Butchery! Yum!'

We shall see….

So I pushed opened the door to wince from the sound of small bells attached to door. I looked to the front counter. No one was there and there were no security cameras. Good. I walked to behind the counter and that's where the work began.

I removed a glove and clawed the phone line to pieces, and moved on to the already cooked goods. I grabbed fried bacon and a few cheap steaks. Yes, I would consider 15 to be a few…. for about 2 weeks. I grabbed a plastic sack from a rack and threw the meat in. I neared the door the door thinking how easy it had been only to stop in my tracks to a disturbance.

"Hey You!" Yelled a tall grey haired man. "You gonna pay for that? Get back here!"

I looked back and screamed, "NO!"

Then I ran, and ran, and ran, and ran, and ran, and ran. I new I shouldn't have, but I laughed. I walked for while till I was in a less busy part of town. I headed towards a small space between two buildings. I sat down in the entrance and looked to my right see a small girl watching me as I pulled out a piece of bacon. I began to tear it in half to offer her a piece. As I began to hand it to her I examined her more closely only to stare open-mouthed. The girl was missing her right arm and left leg.

Chapter 5 Teeka

The girl was wearing a torn indigo shirt that came to her knees over a bloody pair of khaki shorts. "Uh…." I began to dribble sound as I still held out the bacon, which she quickly took to gnaw on. Once stabilized a bit, I looked closer to see that she also wore an eye patch. She was a small African-American girl who looked to be maybe 7 and half years old with a lighter shade of brown skin with short black hair in a ponytail and a hazel eye that didn't seem to match with the rest of her.

"What?" She asked as she looked at me ponderingly.

"I…uh. Um, what's your name?"

"Teekama!" She said "But you can call me Teeka." She returned to her food.

"So how did you get to be? You know. Um…."

"Oh. How did I lose stuff?"


"Well a few years ago, my daddy was taking me on some new super special train or something and It was gonna take us far away…."

"Well what about your mom?" I interrupted.

"Oh, we lost her in a really big crowd when I was a baby."


"Anyway, the train was called Titanic and daddy was taking me to look for mommy. We had been going for three days and I had slept a lot. But then people started screaming and running around and daddy told me to go back to sleep. So I curled up in a real tight ball and daddy started to carry me towards a door."

It was weird how she was so comfortable telling me these things. How she just gave up information. She continued. "He didn't make it though 'cause he stopped and dropped down covering me up. There was crashing and screaming, a lot of fire and a really big bang. I was in a really big field and the train had crashed a few feet away. Daddy was gone, and my leg was cut off, my arm burned off, and my eye had been cut by glass and had slipped out."

I grimaced as she described her story. There so much pain and it was something we had in common. "What about your family?" She surprised me.

"My parents were killed, my mother was shot right in front of me. I don't know where my brother and sister are now." I murmured.

"Oh…." She looked down and said. She looked up "So where are you going now?"

"Eh, I don't know." I smiled. "I'll be going around. Though I would like some company…. If you're interested"

Her face lit up but then she said, "I'll… I'll have to think about it."


So I stayed the night in Teeka's building space, which was guarded from the rain. I smiled as the soft roar of the storm filled my ears and somewhat, and I felt somewhat at peace. That was not normal. But then, what is normal anyway? With that final thought I drifted into the arms of sleep.

Chapter 6 Train of Doom

In the morning I stood with Teeka in front of the bustling train station. She clung to my scarf as she leaned on me, trembling. "Ok…." I said. "I know where to go, I just need know if we can go."

Teeka's eye was as wide as a small light bulb. "You can't make me go on there…." She squeaked as she let out a giddy laugh that turned a few heads.

I looked around nervously before eyeing her with concern. I kneeled down in front her, grasping her shoulders as she balanced on her one leg. Her eye was unfocused and she was barely holding back laughs and snorts, thinking that it was terribly funny trying to get her on the train. I sighed. "Ok. Teeka? TEEKA?"

"Yeah?" snort

"Ugh." I slapped my forehead. "Do you have any money?" I asked, looking at the departure board. Silence. "Teeka? WEEEEE NEEEEED MOOOONEEEEY! Now maybe?"

More laughing.

I could feel my face go blank. "Cough it up kid."

"Ok! GEEEEEZE!" She dug a remaining hand in her pocket, pulling out eleven dollars and sixty-five cents in various coins. That with what money I had was twenty dollars and thirty cents, just enough to get us to Portland, Oregon around 250 miles from our destination, Washington. Or what was left of it.

Our number was called and walked up to the front desk with Teeka hopping behind me, holding my hand. She just put all her trust in me, and somewhat gave me a scare.

"Sir or madam."

"Huh?" I snapped back into focus.

"Payment please, sir…." The attendant smacked on her chewing gum, looking me over. "…. Or madam."

"Oh, yeah." I shoved the assorted coins and bills in the girl's direction. She leaned on her arm, head in hand, and passed him two small tickets."

"Have a nice day sir or…."

I walked off before she could finish, Teeka behind me. We sat at the small area designated for people heading to Portland. Teeka stared at the sign and asked, "What does that say?"

The train slid in with a buzzing tone. "You can't read?"


"Maybe I can teach you on the way there."

"That would be cool!"

"Kay then."

We walked up to the vessel. It seemed like more of a metal millipede with thousands of legs, sliding the body along the railings than a train. I helped Teeka into the train as I gave the conductor our tickets. We earned a few lingering, bewildered stares as we seated ourselves near the front, next to the escape hatch. If I put my face on the window and looked hard, I could just barely see the train tracks.

The tracks of this train made it a type of monorail. The tracks were thin bars that were held above the ground by skinny pillars. I t went like this for a long time until it came to the beginning of a tunnel that shot straight down into the earth underground. As I looked on, I was shocked as the machine shuddered and the shining millipede legs shot from the belly of the train and began to propel us forward on the tracks. It seemed to slide along the rails so very smoothly, gaining speed with every second.

"Oh man…" I could feel the color draining from my face as I pushed myself deep into my seat. I looked again to see that the tube was uncomfortably close. I checked to see in our belts were on and breathed deeply. I closed my eyes; the train seemed to go so fast my face slid around on my skull.

Just when I thought we couldn't go any faster, the front of the train curved down suddenly and steeply, the rest of the vessel soon following. My eyes watered and me cheeks rippled. I felt like my guts were going to slip through my ears and stick to the ceiling. My breakfast crawled up my throat as we entered underground. A minute later we leveled out, Teeka and I were gasping for air that just wouldn't come. She seemed to be getting lost in the seat cushions. I laughed with what strength I could muster.

I looked back at the people behind us. A group of kids sat on a row of seats, sleeping, they all looked extremely alike so I guessed they were brothers and sisters. A young couple sat holding hands as they slept, and an assortment of other people were scattered in the train. No more than ten people, not including us. I looked back to Teeka to see that she was looking better. I relaxed as I settled in my seat. "When can I start reading?" She said a little loudly, and directly in my ear.

I cringed as it rang in my ear. "Huh… Wha?""

"I said: WHEN CAN I START READING?" She shouted.

I held my hand to her mouth to stop her from drawing us more attention than we had already earned. "Right now IF you can be quiet. Got it"

She nodded.

"Good. Now let's start with the alphabet."

So for the next three days I taught her what sounds letters made, what they looked like, and small words to use them in. On the fourth day, she could spell 'cat', 'dog', 'bird', and 'cup' with relative ease. She learned quickly as I tutored her on our trip.

We had been growing closer to Portland, and there was nearly no population in the area due to the werewolves or how the environment had overthrown the cities and towns, small or large. Some had managed to survive if they were just big enough, and if they had been big, they weren't anymore.

"So what's it like where we're going?"

"Well, Portland is really small, but it's the best place to go for absolutely ANY kind of machinery. In fact, I bet the designs for this very train came from there."

"So why are we going there?"

"I dunno." I lied.

Chapter 7 History Repeating

I opened a small bag of peanuts and dumped the contents into my mouth, while Teeka ate her breakfeast, slowly and carefully.