'In my heart,

on your face,

you steal away-'

"Argh!" Chassidy quickly crumpled the page. Her grey eyes flashed furiously, offset by her silver-blonde hair. Despite everything, all the love she had for him, she simply couldn't finish the poem satisfactorily.

Dominick was the love of her life, cliche as that may sound. They'd known each other since approximately the cradle, and had been dating since high school. Both now nineteen, he'd proposed to her and their wedding was set for the sixteenth of June. They couldn't have been happier, even if Dom won the lottery and she could stay with him all day without having to work. Well, that would be better, she amended, But I still couldn't love him any more than I do. Once more, she set to the poem.

'Your eyes like chocolate,

pull me in,

kiss me-'

Again, she crumpled the fresh page and pulled out another one. For inspiration, she though back to the day he'd proposed.

"Dom, this place is great. How can you afford this?"

"Don't worry, love. It's all good."

"Still, if you have to spend this much, I'd rather have the car than the dinner. More practical."

Dom laughed, then said something indistinguishable. "What was that, honey?"

"I said would you marry me?" He dropped to the floor on one knee, classic style, and pulled out the blue satin box. Opening it to reveal a fantastic ring, he asked once more; "Chassidy Kelborn, will you marry me?"

"Yes. I love you Dom." Crying, they embraced. "I love you too, sweetheart. Love you so much."

That night was the first night they had celebrated their love in a different way. Chassidy recalled the memory and hoped they'd do that again after the wedding too. Lost in her thoughs, she barely heard footsteps approaching, coming up the stairs to her room. Only when he knocked on her door, did she really hear. Sighing, she left her pile of crumpled papers and opened the door to be greeted by two dozen roses and Dom behind them.

"You remembered!" She cried out.

"Of course I'd remember. I'd never forget with you talking nonstop-"

"Oh shut it," she said in a teasing manner. One of the things she loved most about him was his sense of humor and the way he remembered her birthday, June twelfth.

"Four more days," He sighed. "Only four days between the two best days of my life." And she knew he meant it too. He was getting a surprise tonight.

Trying not to wake Dominick, she slipped out of bed and found her nightgown. If her mother knew, she'd do one of her fire-and-brimstone speeches. Slipping on the thin silk, she found a fresh paper and finished the poem.

Her dress was white, despite the customs. His tux was inverted, the black parts being white and the white parts being black. She smiled under her veil. Good old Dom, with the worst fashion sense she'd ever encountered. Not that it mattered much.

At the end of her vows, she included this poem:

Bright as day, our love shines,

conquers all, forever binds,

I know our love will never fade,

You'll always be there to kiss away my pain,

Through good times and bad, our love will survive,

If we're together forever, it'd be no surprise.

Author's note: Poem mine. No stealing, or I'll have my minions decapitate you.