His and Her Circumstances



Transfer student. Those were the two words I constantly kept on hearing when my back was turned and people thought I couldn't hear. Well, obviously, I could hear them enough. Not that there was a reason for me to be offended anyway because that is what I am - a transfer student, I mean.

You see, I used to go to a public school which is also nearby. My parents have this policy of sending their kids to a private school when they are about to enter high school. I have four brothers ahead of me. All of them entered a private school as soon as they hit their freshman year. For some reason, it wasn't the same for me. I am now a proud junior and I just entered this school for the rich. My parents aren't exactly rich so they only send their kids to this school when they reach high school, believing, of course, that a private school would have higher standards than a public school. They are right of course, but I had to leave all that I was familiar to behind. Now THAT wasn't fun. I could still see my friends since I still live in the same area, but it's still different, you know? I liked my school. I did not want to go to this school. Almost everyone in my new school are snobs.

Besides, my mortal enemy goes to this gigantic campus. Yup. In fact, in Dominic Lima College, he rules supreme.

Gale Scharden, known as the Prince of DLC.

Oh, and did I mention the fact that he's deaf?


Ever since I was small, people always took me for a boy. I can't really say that I blame them because my parents did dress me like I was a boy most of the time. I think the fact that they have four sons before they had me affected their choice of wardrobe. It was just my luck that I am the youngest of their five children. Maybe if I had been born first, I would've escaped having to wear baggy t-shirts and shorts with matching vests and cap.

Another thing, my name. Let me introduce myself: Devon Shawn at your service.

I know. Every time someone hears my name, they automatically imagine I'm some kind of hot guy. I mean, it does sound kind of cool, if I do say so myself - if I were a guy! Boy, are all the girls in for a disappointment or what?

Plus, my appearance also creates doubt concerning my gender at first glance. Let me describe myself in a nutshell: I have short brown hair - as in short, not shoulder-length - and I am basically chestless. My wardrobe is also still consisting of what one would call "boy clothes". Or at least tomboyish clothes. I am also well trained in the art of self-defense. Each of my four older brothers made sure of that, believe me.

Oh, and I'm a music lover.

Okay, so I don't play any instrument except the flute and the piano. And I can't sing for shit. I, however, appreciate music very much. I'm also a dancer. This leads me to my next tidbit of information.

Despite the fact that I'm a pretty good dancer and karate kid, I'm a total klutz.

How does that happen? Well, I'm not sure. I only actually show any hint of grace when there is music around me. If there isn't, I trip over nothing. I'm also best at fighting if I feel really threatened. It somehow increases my strength. No, it's not just adrenaline. There's something else. Something I can't name. But enough about that... Let's go back to my problem with being mistaken as a guy.

Have I ever dated, you ask. Well, once. In my entire life. And I'm sure you know what's coming. Yup, he's gay. But we're still friends. In fact, he's one of my closest friends. He doesn't like broadcasting the fact that he's gay but he tells me all about his little crushes.

My best friend in the whole world is a bi-sexual. Her name's Nina Richards. She's a beautiful Caucasian - the total opposite of me.

Nina and I go way back. We met in kindy and were best friends ever since. Actually, there were three of us. The third person - and my guy best friend - is Kevin Leigh. He's very athletic and we got along really well. We thought of ourselves as the "Three Musketeers". When we reached our eighth year of living, he came.

This he was the richest kid in the area: Gale Scharden, the half-German, half-British boy from England.

Then there were "Four Musketeers".

It was really funny when people would introduce Gale and myself to someone without specifying who owns which name. They would usually turn to me and say, "You don't look German." You got it. Since Gale was the male, most people would assume he was named "Devon". Since I was the female, most people would assume I was "Gale". However, when people do get our names right, it was because they thought I was the guy and Gale was the girl. Yes, he did look girly when we were kids. I remember, sometimes, other little boys who don't know him would get crushes on him. It was hilarious!

But obviously, Gale doesn't look girly anymore. Don't get me wrong, I don't see him much anymore. But the last time I got a glimpse of him, he had obviously grown into a young man most girly girls would call HOT.

Why don't we see each other anymore? Well...

You see, when we were in the middle of our first year of middle school, we had a falling out. And it was never the same again. I don't exactly remember what happened. I don't even remember how it started. It's as if that year had become a haze in my memory. What I can tell you though is that because of the falling out, Gale left our school and went to DLC. Kevin followed the next year, splitting the "Four Musketeers" apart. Nina and I still stayed in touch with Kevin. We are still friends but we weren't close anymore. It seemed that the only thing that connected us is our childhood. Gale, however...

Let's just say that every time Gale and I crossed paths, everyone else ran for cover.

I always tried to avoid Gale. Even though he was in a private school, we still saw each other from time to time. After all, DLC and Paul Mission Public were in the same district. Fortunately, I haven't seen Gale in over five months. I, however, received news of him from Kevin himself.

He had gone deaf.

Apparently, while they were fixing the apparatus for a school concert, Gale was standing right in front of a ten foot high speaker. Someone accidentally caused static to occur but that was enough to shatter one of Gale's weak eardrums. Unfortunately for him, his other ear was very slowly starting to diminish.

If there's one thing I can tell you about Gale, it's the fact that he learns everything fast. Kevin had told Nina - who told me - that Gale was able to learn sign language in less than two months. His hearing still worked but it was weak so his doctor advised him to learn it. He also had an operation for a hearing aid but it could only do so much. Kevin told me that Gale was also learning how to read lips.

I had to admit - though never out loud! - that he's kinda amazing not to let the loss of his hearing keep him down. But then again, Gale has always been like that: stubborn and willful. The principal was letting him stay in school since his grades haven't moved an iota.

Now, I was leaving Nina behind to enter Dominic Lima College. All my hard work of avoiding Gale Scharden is going to be in vain. Now, I was going to have to see him everyday in school.

A couple of days later, I would've slapped myself silly for jinxing it.


On my very first day in DLC, I discovered that school wasn't going to be the only place where I would see Gale Scharden.