Wait, WHAT?

THE NATURAL BORN has a new home!

And a whole new rewrite, because it has been a gazillion years. You bet your booty things have changed.

What fun!

Reese's a dude (gender swap oh my) who experiences queer panic from time to time, Lynx is still a bro, Cougar may be worse (or is he), and Mouse and Meek—wait, Otter and Squirrel now!—are still kinda lolling around being judgy.

Oh, and yeah, the killer. Yeah. Remember, I write about the weirdest shit.

Anyway, RYANGIN is where I'm at. I'm not sure how the formatting is going to muck up the link, but here:

ryangin. com

There's ten chapters up, and from there on: TNB has weekly Friday updates.

I hope you got an adrenaline rush seeing this—and if not, if you are just sat there thinking "who is this person and why is she in my inbox" then okay. Fine. Either way:

I hope to see you there!