A Christmas Dream

It's snowing again. Looks like we are going to have a white christmas this year. She looked at her calendar and there is only 2 days away from the big red star, Christmas. Each year, she was excited about christmas, thinking that some miracles were going to happen. Even though each year the reality proved her wrong, every year she had hope. Maybe this year.. maybe this time.. just maybe. This year was no exception.

She went into the kitchen and made herself some hot chocolate milk. Taking a deep breath, the smell of hot chocolate gave her a satisfying feeling. On her way back to her room, she put on a soothing CD that immediate filled the house with calm and peace. For now, she was in her world, a place where everything was perfect. She sat down in frontof the window and stared at the snow in her yard, imagining that maybe one day she can make a snowman just like her neighbour's kids. When that day comes, she would wrap him with a scarf and put a hat on his head. His nose would be a carrot and his eyes and lips would be oreo cookies. The thought of making a snowman made her giggle. Just then a couple walked across her view. The guy wrapped his arm around the girl to keep her warm and the girl was whispering in his ears. How cute. She thought. She held her mug close to her lips and took another sip of hot chocolate milk. The warmth and sweetness filled her body instantly. Slowly, the windows were getting blurry due the snow but she was not in a hurry of cleaning it. The mist gave her a feeling of dream. She loved to see the worldthrough blurry windows because she get to imagine what's on the other side of that glass. Just then, a familiar ringing tone broke her thoughts. She looked at her cell phone and didn't recall that caller ID.

"Hello." She answered, wondering who'd it be.

"May I speak to 'xxx' please?" A male voice came through the receiver.

"This is her. Who am I speaking to?" She didn't recall that voice.

"Take a guess." The guy laughed quietly, knowing perfectly she would be surprised.

"Oh!" Her eyes were lit with joy and delight. " I didn't think you'd ever call. Where are you right now?"

"Guess." Same answer.

"You know this game is getting old." A sweet and sincere smile crawl up her lips. "So, you are either in Quebec, visiting your relatives or you are in the airport waiting for the flight." She was confident with her answer.

"Nope. You are wrong." He laughed. He was sure that she would never guess where he was, not if he didn't give her any hints. At the same time, he felt a blob of snow just fell on his head and some landed on his bare neck. He shivered. Damit, next time I'll never hide under a tree. "I'll give you a hint."


"I know it's snowing right now."

"urh... you can know that from anywhere as long as there weather reports of this city."

"Use your imagination. Well, I don't think weather reports will ever tell me that you are standing in front of your windows and from my guess, you are day dreaming."

She was startled. Could it be? Is it ever possible? Did my prayer came true? No it's impossible. He must be kidding but how does he know exactly what I'm doing right now? She put her mug on the desk and ran downstairs.

"Hello, you there?" The guy tried to see if his girlfriend was still there or just too surprised to talk.

"Yeah. I am." She ran out of the door without grabbing a jacket. The cold wind soon made her shiver. "So where are you?" She looked around but see now sign in him, but she was almost certain that he was there. She could feel it. But her eyes proved her wrong. There was no one in front of her house. Don't be stupid. You dream way too much. Get a life. "Okay, fine, I give up and I don't care where you are." She turned around and headed inside.

"Maybe I'm not." He stepped behind the tree and walked toward her. He hang up the phone and put it back into his pocket. "Follow your intuition, maybe your heart is telling the truth. " His voice was no longer coming from he receiver; instead it's coming behind her. She could feel someone walking toward her; she could hear his voice is getting near; she could sense his presence. She wanted to turn but she couldn't move a muscle. Just then, He wrapped his arm around her. "I'm here behind you. I came for you." He whispered softly in her ears.

Immediately, her eyes were filled with tears. "Shouldn't you be in Quebec by now?" She sniffled.

"You know I'm not much a relative person. Plus I've already mailed them all the presents so they shouldn't complain." He unzipped his jacket and trapped her between his jacket and his chest. "Feeling better?" He asked. "Hey, you shouldn't cry. I didn't come all the way here to see my girl covered in tears." He teased her.

"I'm sorry." She sniffled and smiled, "those are tears of joy and I have to admit you caught me off guard."

"Haha, I am just so proud of myself but then again I'm a genius." Suddenly, a thought flew across his mind, " Since I spend my last few hours on that dreadful air plane for you, youshould give me a treat."

"So what do you have in mind." She knew perfectly what was going on that his head. Of course, as usual nothing good would ever pop up.

He held her face and bend down slowly. Their lips met and time was held still. Through the tender kiss, they share their feelings, their love and their desire. The surroundings no longer matter to them because they had each other...

A familiar ringing tone again disturbed the perfect moment but this time the music was slowling pulling her away. She was losing him, bits by bits. Don't let me go! She cried in her heart but it's too late.

Yeah, it's just a dream. She opened her eyes and realized she was still in his room, holding onto her hot chocolate. She picked up her cellphone: "Hello... okay.. alright... I'll come right now." The conversation only lasted for a few seconds. She sighed and took another sip of chocolate milk. However, it was no longer warm and rich; it was cold and dry. Before she step out of the house this time, she remembered to take her jacket because this time, it was going to be cold outside, very cold indeed.

A/N: I didn't use any name in this writing cuz I want to leave some space to you. Maybe in this coming christmas you have wishes that haven't been filled. But it doesn't matter, just dream. Only in your dream everything can be perfect because you are in control not someone else. Maybe her (the character) dream will never come true but she still have the power to dream. No matter how busy you are, how many dreams you have, how sucky your life is, in your dream nothing can go wrong. Enjoy. I think this is too early but Merry Christmas. R&R thank you.