Chapter One

Once upon a time there lived a young princess by the name of Ophelia and her sister Jezabella. They all lived in one castle with the King...King Charles of Spain. Now the King was the most evilest King in whole Europe bringing up his evil daughters into the world. It wasn't Ophelia's and Jezabella's fault that they were so evil but it was King Charles'.

Ophelia was beautiful while Jezabella was only just pretty. Ophelia was tall, had skin like pale porcelain, and long black curly hair. But the most greatest thing about Ophelia was her eyes. They were a dark torqouise, sparkling with magic and wonders. But her heart was so cold and evil, that her eyes were nothing but filled with pure hatred.

Now Jezabella had long blonde hair and rosy cheeks. She had light blue eyes and a dazzingly smile. But the smile she would usually have was an evil smile. So evil these girls were so evil.

It was forbidden for Ophelia to have a boyfriend, but she did. His name was Leonato Sanchez of Italy. Born as an orphan and raised as a highly skilled assassin. But Ophelia did not know this. Leonato had blonde hair that went down to his chin, green eyes with penetrating black pupils, and thick black eyebrows.

Ophelia met him often in the garden at nighttime. He would give her a rose and she would give him a kiss. Each night, they talked about running away with the family fortune and live on one of the islands on the Medditterean Sea.

One night Ophelia was walking in the the hallways, passing the closed doors of the courtroom. But she heard her father's voice. She pressed her ears against the doors and listened. " Princess Jezabella will become Queen of Spain when I pass away," the King announced. " But what about your daughter Ophelia? Isn't she the most beautiful, most oldest, and most mature of Jezabella?" one man asked. " I don't care I want Jezabella to be the Queen...she's more...pure, " the King answered.

Ophelia withdrew from the door, with her eyes filled with tears. " What does he mean more ' pure,'" she uttered. " I shall show him pure...pure evil," Ophelia said with an evil laugh. She stormed into her room and looked around and saw her sword. She picked it up and turned around. But when she did she was startled by Leonato.

" My God!" Ophelia screamed. Leonato smiled and said " I'm not your God." Ophelia rolled her eyes and walked passed him and into the hallways. " Where are you going?" Leonato asked following her. " To Jezabella's room," Ophelia said quickly. And when she got there, she knocked on the door hard.

As soon as she knocked, Jezabella opened the pushed Jezabella onto the floor and plunged the sword into her neck. Blood gushed onto the floor and out of Jezabella's mouth. " Ophelia! What have you done?" Leonato said coming into the room. Leonato took the sword away from her.

" No," Ophelia said breathing hard " what have you done?! GUARDS! GUARDS!" Guards came into the room where Leonato was. They wrestled Leonato down to the ground. " You witch! How dare you?! I thought you loved me? Don't you know anything about love? I guess not! Since you killed your own sister!" Leonato yelled as they dragged him away.

" VENGEANCE WILL BE MINE!" Leonato swore. Ophelia started laughing until her father came into the room. He pushed Ophelia aside and knelt down near Jezabella's blood soaked body. He cried into his hands.

Watching this sight, Ophelia chuckled as she left the room. As she walked quickly through the hallways, she heard someone behind her. She turned around and saw a tall, pale, woman with large eyes just like Ophelia's same color and everything. She was very beautiful.

" Your back," Ophelia said frightening. " In two weeks, you will meet your death. The death will be a good death. You will be reborn again. And when you are you will rule and defeat." Opehlia blinked and the strange woman was gone.

With wide eyes, Ophelia turned around and faced her angry father. " Who...were...you talking to?" the King asked. " No one," she lied. " Who killed my daughter?" the King asked. " Leonato the assassin!" Ophelia said quickly " He's in the dungeon."
The King walked quickly and swiftly through the hallways. Ophelia went into her room and saw the woman again. In her hands was a glass bottle with red liquid inside of it, and in the other hand was a rolled up parchment that was partly burnt. " This is poison that you will kill the King with and this is the map which will lead you to your destination.

Ophelia took the the two things. " Why are you helping me on this?" Ophelia asked. " So you could know the truth," the woman said. Then she disappeared. " She must be my imagination or something," Ophelia said to herself.

A week later, the King was poisoned and the assassin was beheaded. Now, Ophelia was Queen and she was now crossing the Pacific with three boats, an army, and horses.

Suddenly, they arrived at a an island filled with jungles. " Set camp," Ophelia demanded. She couldn't believe it was true. The map didn't lie at all. She went alone, into the jungle.

It was sunset, when she set out. For some reason, she thought of the ground to be " holy ground." So she took off her sandals and let down her blonde hair.

It was now night time when Ophelia came to a wall of vines. As soon as she went through the vines, the monkeys, the birds, and the wolve's stopped making there music.

On the other side was a lake. Near the lake was the strange woman. " Ophelia," she started off slowly " you have killed to come here. And now you will know why you are not so 'pure.' Welcome to the land of Mayans."

" Take my hand and I will baptize you again into the religion and beliefs that you belong in," the strange woman said. Ophelia took her hand. She was cold as a dead corpse.

The woman took Ophelia into the cold lake and laid her down under the surface. The water was not clear but black. So Ophelia couldn't see water blackened her eyesight.

The woman held Ophelia down under till her last breath. Ophelia wanted to move her arms but something in her head told her not to. So she didn't...

Chapter Two

" There are strangers on our beach! There are strangers on our beach!" the Aztec boy yelled running through the village. The villagers came outside to see what was all the noise about. The Aztec boy ran up the pyramid stoop to the top where the King slept in his room. The guards guarded the entrance.

" What important news have you brought for the King? So important enough to disturb his sleep?" the guards asked. " On the beach, there are men with pale white skin...as white as snow!" the boy explained.

The guard turned around into the room and awoke the King. " What is going on?!" the King yelled with fury. He was a handsome young sixteen year old with long black hair and brown eyes.

The guard bowed his head and said " Sir my apologies but-" Before he could finish his sentence the King slashed the throat of the guard. He fell down to the ground choked on blood and then died.

" What is the meaning of all this ruckus?!" the King asked as one of his servants pulled on one of his deerskin covers on him. " Sire there has been an invasion on our beach. Strange me with the skin color of snow have invaded our beach! They wear helmets and metal as clothing and