Childhood Fantasy

By: Elizabeth Martin

The Jungle

" Simba!" I yelled inside my thoughts as I jumped off the slide and into the elephant lagoon. I saw him being chased by the pack of Hyenas and Scar. " Roar!" I yelled. " Lizzie!" my mother the ostrich with glasses yelled at me. I looked over at her and saw her feathered finger wagging side to side in front of her, signaling me to calm down.

I sigh. She doesn't know that I must save Simba from the outsiders or the whole galaxy of the Pride Lands would be destroyed. " Za Zu!" I say in my thoughts. I look up and see the colorful bird flying above my head.

" Yes Monsieur? Where is Sire?" he asked me and then squawked. I rubbed my chin as I was thinking and said, " Bring me Rafeeki." All of a sudden I heard a monkey screaming. I turned around and saw Rafeeki on the monkey bars with a baboon stick in his tail.

" Stop your monkey business and tell me how I can save the galaxy of the Pride Lands!" I yelled. " Look deep inside your heart," he said. I scratched my head and said," What?" But it was too late, he disappeared as usual.

I turned around to face the blacktop and forgot what I was about to do…O yeah! Now I saw Simba and the pack of outsiders chasing him around the desert. " I- FEEL-THE-FORCE!" I yelled out loud on accident.

" Ok Lizzy let's leave…it's time for church anyways," my ostrich mother said as she transformed into a what we call it " Animal Eater." She pulled out a leash from her purse. That's her weapon on me. But before I could get away, she wrapped the leash around my tiny wrist and tugged me her way.

I turned around to see Simba and Rafeeki using their karate on the outsiders. " Yes," I said to myself as my mom put me in high chair inside the car. " Say goodbye to the park Lizzy," mommy said softly as she took off the leash from my wrist.

Park? What is she talking about? I watched Simba wave his palm at me. " R.I.P Mufasa," I whispered as I saw Simba, the outsiders, Rafeeki, and Za Zu slowly fade away.