Chapter 1


I watched the girl. She sat slumped against the wall with something in her arms. She looked badly beaten. I knew I had to go tell Joe, but I didn't want to just walk away from her. I couldn't just leave her there, she might get hurt more. I adjusted my bag on my shoulder and walked over to her. She was unconscious. I noticed the thing in her arms was a baby. I felt awkward standing over her. She had no clothes on. I took of my black coat and leaned her forward to throw it over her shoulders. I put one arm under her leg and the other around her, now, covered back. I stood up and carried her away. I kept an eye on the baby so it wouldn't fall; the girl was clutching it pretty tightly. The police station wasn't far and once I got her there, they could call an ambulance to take her to the hospital. She stirred in my arms but her eyes never opened.

I arrived at the station a little while later and realized I couldn't open the door. I carefully shifted my weight to one foot and lifted the other to kick the door. I hoped someone was close enough to hear me. I was about to kick again when the door came open.

"James?" Joe said. "What theā€¦" he stopped talking as he saw the girl and the baby in my arms. He leaned over and took the baby. I was surprised the baby hadn't woken up yet. He held the baby with one arm and held the door open with the other. I walked in and he let the door fall. He felt the babies face and then the girl's face. "They're ice cold. Place her on that bench." Joe ordered. I placed the girl on the bench and then took the baby from Joe. "I'm going to get blankets, stay here." He said. I nodded and stood next to the girl.

"Tammy!" She called, opening her eyes for a minute. She glanced at me and then her eyes shut again. Joe came back and threw a couple blankets over her. I helped him wrap the baby in a big blanket at then he went to phone the hospital.

"Joe, I have to go." I said. Standing here was disgusting me. The girl was in horrible shape. She was shivering and had cuts and bruises all over her. Joe seemed to understand and nodded. I handed the baby to him, grabbed my bag, and left. Joe had given me directions to a shelter I could go to for the night. He said in the morning he was going to help me.


I watched the girl as I waited for the ambulance to come.

"My baby!" She yelled as she sat up on the bench, knocking all the blankets off her. "My baby, she's gone! He took her!" She yelled. I jumped up and ran over, handing her the baby. The baby hadn't woken up yet and was still cold. "What's wrong with her? Why won't she wake up?" The girl cried. "He hurt her, I know he did. He always said he would." She was sobbing and clutching the baby to her.

"Its okay, your baby will be fine." I soothed her. She turned her head and looked at me then jumped and tried to get away. "Its okay, relax. I'm not going to hurt you, I promise. Who hurt you?" I asked. Suddenly her eyes widened as the door to the station opened and two men walked in.

"They did! Them and my father, and all his other friends." She tried to cover herself up with something. I threw another blanket around her shoulders and she clutched it to her chest. I looked at the men and felt the colour drain from my face. Neither of them had any colour to their faces either.


I looked nervously around the building I was now in. There were men all around me and they scared me. The two men that had just walked in were the last two men I had seen. There was a man sitting beside me. He had given me blankets to cover up and wrapped my baby to keep her warm. Suddenly the door to the station opened and some people came rushing in. The man beside me helped me stand up and then the people helped me onto their bed. I wasn't scared of their bed because it had wheels and it was women that helped me.

"Can you tell us how old you are?" One woman asked.

"I'm 14." I whispered. The one thing my dad had done right was give me birthday presents. They were usually more skimpy clothes or makeup, but I knew how old I was. The woman 's face paled as she looked at me.

"Is this your little sister?" She asked.

"No, it's my baby." I responded. Her face paled even more.

"We're going to help you. We're going to make you feel better. Do you have a family we can call?"

"No. I don't want you to call my father. He hurts me." I started crying and shaking. The other woman seemed on the verge of crying.

"Do you have any adults you can trust to call? A teacher maybe?" The first one asked.

"What's a teacher?" I knew I had heard the word before but that was from my mommy.

"Have you ever been to school?" She asked. I shook my head and she frowned. "Okay, when we make you feel better we're going to take you to a school. You can learn and live there. You won't have to worry about being hurt anymore." She said. I nodded and stopped shaking a little. The first woman grabbed something from one side of the bed and started to pull it over me and connect to the other side.

"No!" I screamed. There were too many men around me. I started trembling more than before and I could feel tears stinging the cuts on my face.

"It's okay, we won't hurt you. We have to make sure you won't fall off the stretched while we drive you to the hospital. Have you ever been to the hospital?" The second woman asked.

"Once. When I had my baby. Is my baby going to be okay?" I asked. They had taken her from me and put her in another kind of bed.

"She'll be fine. What's her name?" The first woman asked.

"She doesn't have a name." I replied. "My father said she didn't need a name." I whispered.

"How about you name her now?" The woman said. I thought and decided on a nice name.


"That's a pretty name. Is she named after anyone?"

"My mommy." I smiled at the memory of her. She had loved me very much. She never hurt me and didn't want me to get hurt. "She died." The women both nodded and then started to take me from the building.


I walked alone through the dark streets trying to find this shelter. The whole time I was walking I couldn't stop thinking about that girl. I felt bad for leaving her at the station but I knew I had to get to this shelter and I couldn't bear to see her like that. She looked so helpless and hurt. I was thinking so much I almost didn't hear someone talking to me.

"Hey kid, you got a smoke?" A guy asked. I looked over at him and shook my head. He was dressed in rags and looked like he hadn't showered for months.

"Don't smoke." I said simply. The only thing I could think about was whether she was going to be okay. I turned away from the man and realized I was right in front of the shelter.

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