Our god is science and the ancients would have been horrified at our deveneration of life,

the exaltation of reason over beauty and knowledge over mystery- a masterpiece

of the absurd that would have been questioned at once. Darwin's theory of

domination and survival of the fittest and would not have lasted long then,

or at least it would have been taken for what it was: a theory. Not a

science, a poor explanation of the grandeur of the smallest insect,

the veins in the petal of a flower, tiny but perfect, or the way

a gust of wind churns a sea of withered winter leaves in

a valley into a snowglobe, shimmering in afternoon

light and never to be seen again that same way.

Evolution cannot explain beauty- what need

when all nature competes endlessly in a

cycle of death and dominance?

Sometimes I wonder while

reading the latest

"evidence" when

it was that we

became so