Character Introduction 1:

Sage Strife

Gender: Male

Hair color/length: Brown/long bangs in front; short on back and sides; two long 1 inch sections of hair next to bangs on side

Age/grade: 15, junior (skipped grade)

Height: 5'5½"

Weight: 125 pounds

Eye color: brown

Nationality: Russian/American

Personality: Smart; sweet; forgiving; innocent

Lyrics that define him:

"We will hold each other until I return to the sky" Malice Mizer 'Le Ciel'

"It's more wonderful and more precious to me than anything else, that smile" Camui Gackt 'Kimi ga Oikaketa Yume'

"I'll never let go of the sound the last I heard of your voice" Camui Gackt 'Last Song'

A Transient Utopia Chapter 1

Something loud startled me, and I sat up, alarmed. Opening my eyes, I could clearly see below me the hardwood floor.

"Sage! Sage!" My mother's voice came into my ears along with a sharp knocking, as well as the annoying noise of the alarm on my beside table. Sighing, I sat up from the floor, only realizing now that I had fallen from my bed sometime during my sleep. I reached up and switched off the alarm, rubbing my eyes sleepily and yawning.

"I'm up, mom!" I called. I knew she was standing just outside the door, as she had done every school day last year. It was the only way to wake me up.

"It's time to get back into the swing of thing, Sage. Your bus comes in twenty minutes; I suggest you get moving!" She said.

It was time to start school again. I was quite nervous for this year… it was going to be different. At least, I hoped it would be.

At the end of last year, I had gotten the choice of skipping a grade or staying in the same class as my friends. I decided to skip a grade and so here I was, fifteen years old and a junior in high school.

Actually, skipping a grade couldn't have been a better decision.

Last year I had not mingled with the sophomores-this year's juniors-so these people were going to be all new for me. I wondered all summer if they were going to accept me, and still I wasn't quite sure.

I was dressed and running out the door with a piece of strawberry jam slathered toast in my mouth in moments. I wasn't excited, no. I was late. Turns out I had fallen back asleep for fifteen minutes, and my bus was coming in five minutes.

So much for a new beginning.

"Bye mom!" I called frantically as I rushed out the door and to the bus stop around the corner.

There were kids at the bus stop, lots of kids. A few of them I recognized, but most I didn't. I waved to one of my friends from last year, a boy named Antonio Daiy. He smiled back, but his smile was cold and unfriendly. It made me shiver.

What is his problem? We used to be the best of friends…

The bus ride was long and boring. Most of the kids were half asleep, and they walked like zombies. There was no horseplay, no shouting, no teasing, no nothing. It was quiet and peaceful… the way I liked it.

As kids boarded the bus I scanned their faces. Each face, to me, was a possibility. Maybe one of these kids would be in the 11th grade with me, in my classes, and maybe… they would become my new friend.

One of the last kids to board the bus was a very gorgeous girl with long waist length black hair that looked as soft as silk and Asian shaped beautiful blue eyes. She was very tall, maybe about 6', and also very slender. She had lovely feminine curves; her body just seemed to be made for attracting men. I was awed by her beauty even though I didn't even know who she was.

This girl was wearing a black velvet long sleeved blouse with bell shaped cuffs lined with lace and a short black lace skirt that was wide at the bottom. The skirt came up to about four inches above her knee.

As soon as she stepped onto the bus, there was a lot of chatter. I wondered why.

"What under your skirt?" One of the boys at the front of the bus asked obnoxiously. My eyes widened when he nearly tripped the girl as she made her way to the only available seat-the seat right next to me, of course.

When she sat down, the chatter quieted down quite a bit. The people aside of us on the other seat across the aisle kept looking at the girl, sickened looks on their faces. Other than that, no one bothered her.

"Hi, I'm Sage Strife." I smiled warmly. The girl smiled back a little, but I saw it was forced. When she said nothing in return, I sighed and turned toward the window as scenery passed me by.

Are people making fun of her because she is flat chested?

I had noticed it as she had been walking down the aisle towards me. I didn't think it was a very good reason to pick on someone, but… That was me. I had learned last year, in ninth grade, that the kids here at the high school were ignorant and pathetic and picked on most people that they were jealous of. What could one about it but grin and bear it? It couldn't be helped.

Once we got to the door of the school, those zombie kids became loud and rowdy as they scrambled from the bus and ran into the school building, anxious to see their friends. I noticed that the mysterious girl lagged behind like I did, in no apparent hurry to get inside. There was a disgusted expression on her painted red lips, and I laughed. She turned to me, her ice blue eyes questioning me.

"You don't look happy to be here. You're frowning." I said. She nodded, but still said nothing.

What is her problem? Geez… everyone is in a bad mood today.

My homeroom was insane. The kids were extremely bouncy and restless, one in particular. I didn't know his name, but he was very adorable.

There was a girl sitting in the back of the room. I kept sneaking glances at her because she looked so… familiar.

She had shoulder length black hair that was tied into pigtails on either side of her head and frightening ice blue eyes that were Asian shaped.

She looks like… like that girl on the bus. Exactly like her. Are they twins?

This girl had white makeup on her face, making her look ghastly. Her eyes were heavily but professionally lined with black eyeliner, her lips were painted deep crimson red, and she was wearing very long faux eyelashes. That put together with her black satin and lace wardrobe made her look very elegant.

"Elegante Kawachi!" The teacher called for attendance. The girl in the black looked up sharply. A few people snickered, and I didn't know why. I thought her name was very fitting for her.

The bell rang for first period. I glanced at my schedule and saw that my first class was Advanced English.

The day went slow. The kids were just as, if not more, obnoxious then my ninth grade class. The fun and intrigue of the day came during my fifth period class-Physics.

The teacher, like most of my science teachers over the years, was very dull and boring. He didn't even try to involve any of the students in his talks; he just droned on and on…

But it wasn't the teacher who interested me, of course. It was the mysterious girl from the bus! Sitting across from her was a boy with large, innocent looking eyes and dirty blonde hair that went from chin length in the front to very short in the back. In fact, the entire back of his head had hair only about an inch long, but it was spiked and gave the otherwise harmless looking boy a grunge-like look. He saw me and smiled warmly, waving.

"Hi! Are you new?" He called, motioning me over. The girl from the bus looked up, noticed me, and looked back down again. In a way, that made me sad…

I made my way over to the boy, having no problem putting a smile on my own face. He was just so refreshing, it seemed!

"No, I'm not new." I said, sitting next to that girl. I secretly wanted her to notice me, but…

"I've never seen you before." He said pointedly.

"I skipped a grade." I explained.

"Ohh." He grinned and giggled, and my eyebrows twitched. He… giggled! "Well, I'm Candle Bell Anderson. Who are you?" He held out his hand and I took it.

"Sage Strife." I replied. "Candle… kind of unique."

"Hee hee, yep! My mother's name was Star, so… strange names run in the family." He lost his smile almost immediately, his face tightening and his eyes lowering.

"Attention everyone! Attention! It's time for class to begin!" The teacher began role call.

"Timothy Egdale! Daphne Alison! Candle Bell Anderson!" Candle barely raised his hand in time for the teacher for notice him. I thought that his immediate change in attitude was strange, but… I had sensed the emphasis in the word 'was' when he talked about his mother.

If she died recently… then of course he would be sad. I have no right to question his actions. He acts this way… he must have a reason, and the reason is none of my business.

"Sage Strife." The teacher called. I looked up from my thoughts and raised my hand indicate my presence. "Angel Kawachi." The girl next to me raised her hand, and my mind instantly clicked.

"Kawachi…" I said almost silently to myself. Apparently Angel heard me, because she looked over, her eyes watching me, cold as ice, but as beautiful as an ice princess.

"You're Elegante's twin." I said. Angel nodded, her first response to me though it wasn't verbal. "Why wasn't Elegante on the bus with you?" She shrugged. We both turned our attention to the front when we received a scolding look from the teacher, whose name was Mr. Pagadalium.

Angel turned out to be in quite a few of my classes, while Candle was only in a couple and Elegante was in one. Other than those three, I hadn't met anyone else. I didn't think I wanted to meet anyone else. Even from half a day in this grade, it seemed that 11th graders were extremely rowdy and feisty. Three fights broke out in lunch that day.

Speaking of lunch, I sat with Candle. I spotted Angel and Elegante at their own little table in the corner, and Candle saw me staring at the twins.

"They're an odd pair, aren't they?" He said softly, catching my attention. "I invited them to sit with us, but both of them turned me down."

"They'll get used to this school. When I was a freshman it took me a week to get used to it. I'm sure being new is just as hard."

Candle laughed.

"What?" I looked at him questioningly.

"Angel and Elegante aren't new. They've been in my grade since I was in kindergarden." He explained.

"But then…"

"Don't bother. Those two have kept to themselves for as long as I can remember."

"I can at least try." I protested.

"Go ahead." He gave me an encouraging smile, but something in those green eyes reflected doubt.

"…I'll go tomorrow. Maybe I'll have a plan." I said, defeated. We both returned to our lunches.

Angel and Elegante were absolutely amazing! In an entire week, neither of them said even a thing. Then again, our first week was nothing but listening to the teachers explain their individual classroom rules, rules I found that we never followed anyway.

On the first Friday of school, I was tired of being ignored. Since Angel rode my bus and got off before me, I simply decided to follow her. I had noticed before that she went off in a direction different from the others who got off at that stop, so I could probably catch her alone.

"Angel!" I called after her, having followed her a great deal of the way to her house. I learned something that day-Angel walked very fast for a girl wearing three inch heels.

"Hey, Angel!" She stopped and turned, her eyes widening with curiosity when she saw me. Taking advantage of her temporary stun, I caught up to her, a smile on my face.

"I… didn't want to leave school for this week without hearing you talk." I said, suddenly feeling horribly stupid. Really, what was I doing here? Why was I so infatuated with this girl?

Angel let loose a small smile, immediately going to hide it with her hands. I took both those soft hands and pulled them away from her mouth, keeping her hands held gently in mine.

"Angel…" I felt myself being swept up in the moment. Angel looked at me, her pure blue eyes digging into my heart. Slowly I brought my lips to hers, but then I felt her fingers press against my mouth.


"Sage." Angel said her first word to me and my mouth dropped. Her voice was…

"You aren't a female at all!" I cried, stunned. Angel's voice was extremely deep, like a man's voice! And it wasn't even like it was in a tenor range where there was the possibility of her just being a girl with a deep voice, this was a definite MALE voice! It really surprised me, hearing such a dark voice from such a gorgeous 'girl.'

Angel shook his head.

"No… I'm not." His eyes lowered to the ground.

"That's why you wouldn't speak?" I asked.

"That and I don't like being reminded that I am male." He said quietly, walking ahead of me. I ran to catch up with him, and he looked surprised. Surprised that I still wanted to talk to him?

"Why do you…" I searched for the right word.

"Crossdress?" He suggested, his voice filled with a little bit of anger. I didn't blame him. I nodded, and he looked as if he was in thought. "I… was raised to be female. My mother said that if she ever had twins, she wanted two girls so she could match them and have people fawn over them. She got one girl, but me…" He looked sad. "We were just dolls to her. She merely played with us, and then as we got older…"

"I understand." I took his hand in mine, smiling. I was confused even by my own actions. Why did I keep advancing on him even though I knew he was a guy? What was wrong with me?

"Sage, what are you doing?" Angel asked quietly, his voice caught in his throat.

"Even I can't answer that. I…" I wanted to try and kiss him again, but some part of me was able to hold my body back. Angel pulled his hand away from mine, hurt wolf blue eyes gazing sadly at me.

We had both stopped moving long ago, and were now standing motionless on the sidewalk in front of someone's house.

"I've got to get home." Angel stuttered, breaking away from me and walking away hurriedly.

"Angel-" I began to protest.

"I'll see you in school on Monday!" He called over his shoulder.

So I was left on the sidewalk all alone on the other side of town from my home. Gathering my tears, I walked quietly to my home and, once there, headed directly for my room. I cried all the tears I had in me to cry and then some. I wasn't even sure why I was crying, but I was.

I was most certainly not looking forward to school the following Monday.

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