Beautiful eyes
Lopsided grin
You've got my heart
But sometimes I want it back
I try to move on
Because things just aren't the same
But one thought of you
Always brings me back
All I want is you
To be here for me
I want you honestly
I want you badly
Thought I'd moved on
Spending all day with you
Completely changed my mind
Everything about you captivates me
From first kiss to last
From love to anger to tears to now
You captivate me
Months since we hooked up
But together every night since
If only in my mind
I still dream about you
I still daydream about you, too
Do you ever think of me?
I miss you so much
Because we had it all
Things ended badly
I wish you could take me back
I hope you're sorry
You know what you did to me
Somehow though
You still captivate me
Mixed feeling are all I have
Hate, lust, love
I don't know what to say
We never did talk much
Somehow, I wish we had
You're so busy now
You don't have time for me
I wish I could explainall the things I did
I have a reason
I just can't talk to you
You make me speechless
Take away my breath
You make me sad
When I relive those moments
I can't help but think of them
When I see you
You captivate me