A/N - This was actually a story I had to create in the topic of horror for English. I decided to post this up because.. well,I just felt like it. I'm not even sure if it's considered as horror since it's not even THAT scary. But I'll put it in the genre of horror anyways. Enjoy.

There she sat. She sat on her dark sheet layered bed, her mind completely forgetting her surroundings. She was pale and her eyes have gone dull. But the natural color of her eyes were close to grey anyway. Her gothic room surrounds her with the door shut and windows covered with curtains. It just seemed like ordinary teen depression. But the truth was, she was terrified.

Kari was always the energetic one. She was the image of the perfect best friend. Even though she may seem happy around her friends and family, she had a deep dark secret that only she knew. The secret she had kept to herself and only to herself. She had never told anyone else, she had not even written it down in a diary. But she had the ability to hide it from any suspicion from others. Nobody had ever suspected her of hiding anything.

Kari had that terrible feeling inside of her. It was unique. She knew that IT would come whenever she felt that way. It had come before for her but had failed. It was that wretched demon soul. It kept coming back for her. Kari is sixteen and for the past three years, it has not left her alone. But the soul would only visit once a year. Everytime it would be madness. The time of year had arrived, now the fourth visit. She was voiceless, but her eyes were ready to see its horrendously demented face. The memories had haunted her every day for she knew it would it come back. And that night for sure she knew it was coming for her. That feeling tormented her for hours now. She agonized so much she had a cramp in her side. One word repeated in her mind over and over again. Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight... was all that went through her head. Her eyes were stuck in one position because she knew that the soul would only come in through the door.

And she heard it: the wicked moaning of the damned ghost. It had tolerated enough defeat. It had come back. It crawled up the carpeted stairs, anxious to finally infest the girl, drain the crimson liquid form her body and leave the carcass to rot on the earth. It craved for what satisfied it.

The door slowly creeked open. There it stood. A dark silk nightgown hung on the demon's body. The soul resembled a woman who looked no older than eighteen years of age. The soul had passed many decades ago.

The question may be: why does the soul keep coming back for her? And the answer would be: that girl had once lived in the house that Kari was living in. When the girl was around Kari's age, the same thing happened. A female soul would come every year around the month of November and try to end the life of the living girl who lives in that house. But it was worst for that one soul. When she was a little past sixteen, she had caught a fatal sickness and was for sure to die. Weeks had passed and with one final gag in the bucket that was next to her, she died. The girl's bed was placed exactly where Kari's was and had died on that spot.

The room was silent. Then, in a split second, the soul screeched a horrific shriek. Her soul flew right to Kari and possessed her body. The soul got the best of her. But it had the knowledge that Kari was not tempted of hurting anyone in future years so she had blackened Kari's sweet heart with diabolic evil. Corrupting all of what was left of Kari's goodness.

The soul finally left Kari's body, satisfied by her wicked deed. When the soul was in still in Kari, she had created three letters on her left arm. The letters read D-I-E. The scars ripped open and bled all over the dark sheets. She cursed Kari and finally did what she wanted. Now Kari was dead and her soul now lives in that house, trapped. Her soul belonging to that house. Kari had died on the same exact spot. And now it was her turn to kill another useless girl that would eventually move into the house. Kari's soul will come and lush out towards the helpless teenage girl until she turns sixteen and then will suffer what the other girls had for centuries. One after another, dying on that same exact spot...

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