Kingdom of Boredom

Sighs escape my breaths; they are impulsive, spontaneous

And my eyes linger across the floor, only to catch things that are monotonous.

When will this day end at the kingdom of boredom?

I have never been to such a place as this one.

It is filled with empty skies, that reflect the common nothingness,

And dehydrated rivers, that flow forever searching for something to caress.

I tilt my head in the opposite direction,

Only to be insulted to find a blank wall that only emphasizes my misconception,

For is this a nightmare, just suffocating me?

Am I sinking in deeper…so ever out of reach and so slowly?

I crave for the color to paint the fathomless skies,

Before I truly become mad and start my endless cries.

The Kingdom of Boredom, a place for penalization…

God, save me from this loneliness and form of desperation.

I need to see some rainbows traveling beside the stars,

And I need to see a rocket ship orbit around the beautiful planet of Mars.

My senses are beginning to subside, beginning to welcome the air,

And become apart of it, as if nothing was ever there.

Holding onto two places, both of them close but far apart,

One is the Kingdom of Boredom; Reality is what I long for in my heart.