Faces and hands, all tilted


And raised.

Eyes closed, lashes brushing

Cheeks shining with glory.

There is nothing else,

Nothing else;

Except the lilt of voices,

The music-box notes

Of an instrument, far away.

A rushing wind, a sound from heaven

Only spirits can hear and feel;

Only destiny can encapsulate.


Like light shattering into glitter,

Gentle softness floating down.

Turning into fire;

Into power, into love.


It permeates the air;

It fills the atmosphere.

And I'm on my knees

In awe, in silence

In worship.

Bathed in molten honey;

Bathed in faith and love.

Pervading aura;

Strong enough to hold the heavens,

Soft enough to touch my heart

And hold it in nail-scarred hands,

Just to love me some more.

And give me wings to fly;

Fly beyond, fly away.

And I'm standing alone;

Alone in the presence of

My King, my Father.

Even if all the world

Turns to dust,

Still my heart is on the altar;

Sold out for Him.

Jesus; I'm in love with You.

A/N: Done for CREATE2005. I was in Youth Camp, and pastor Lia gave me a word in the middle of her preaching. She told me to write a poem about Pervading Aura-the awesome presence and glory of God. This is a worshipper's heart; unquenchable,undignified,unstoppable and unending-a heart of fire for Him.