So This is What Fame Feels Like

His husky words in her ears
Prodding her on
He doesn't let her off her leash
Not yet, not yet
He's waiting for the perfect time
When golden frosts his windows
Golden, but not sunlight
Never again his sunlight
He takes her for a walk and keeps
Repeating those fucking words
That song he sings, over and over
And to her ears it's perfect
It's everyday, it's everyday
But damn, everyday does fade
Quicker than she realizes
Quicker than she can handle
He feels the guilt onrush
Though only eventual
So he decides, why not wait?
Not yet, he says, not yet again
And fucks her over (quite literally)
And makes her love him all over again
Not yet, he tells himself, not yet
Until that gold is present
Glimmering in his eyes, he smiles
And "yet" has finally come (quite literally)