Vicious Toy

I have love & a pretty face
I gave social acceptance a disgusting taste
My body is all pills, bulimia and fake lace
I sold the world for inFAMOUS disgrace

Rebel Rebel, Vicious Toy
Got cupboards full of chainsaws and little boys
I dress them all up in kerosene joy
Sigh like a matchbox sentence, de






everything uninnocent

Don't take the time to forgive me when I bleed in the bathtub water
After all, my French tips have scratched down the backs of your sons, wife
and all your daughters
My diseases are paid by the PTA and the AMERICAN FATHERS
Ever since they laid me out on a bed of razors in dirty bathtub water

(theresbeenno rest for the wicked

and i never falter)

Your heart is exposed, awful & cold
Your lolita blue cause there's just no place like home
I'll call you Candy, doll you up like trash
Flowers will fall slient and your lips will turn black
Nicotine distress and sweetness on the street

(life's not wasted on you&me)

I nailed this delicate night to the glass
(and drowning fast!)

I swear i must be heaven-sent
Vicious toys, cupboards full of chainsaws and little boys
I never falter
(but my love's been spent)
And everything's uninnocent

i swear i must be heaven-sent