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Scarred Link

Trigger (II)


She hated the rain.

It never marked anything good.

Yuu raced all the way to Yui's school. The bond between her and her blood kin had been… blocked. Yui was in danger, and she couldn't even tell Yuu where she was or…

Rain pattered on the pavement and on Yuu. The pavement was slick and slippery, and her uniform stuck to her. Her feet beat rhythmically on the cement, and her breath fell on short gasps each time. She had been running for so long… How long?


Turn back to the past's page
The formation of ice, of glaciers
Hear the storm rage
Here comes the return of an ice age

Power flowed through Rin. She bit her lip as scars broke through her skin – the magic within her was finding more than one means of escape. Hisame was beside her, channeling as much energy as she could for her mistress. The torrential fury of the storm before would surely cause an uproar, for it was impossible for it not to be seen, even as far from the city as she was.

"Hisame!" she snapped. Slowly, her spirit reined back the power. Gasping for breath, she surveyed her surroundings. She had chased her attacker all the way here – more like she had been forced here. Looking around her, her eyes showed no emotion as they flickered over each inch of ice that covered every single part of the old barracks. In the middle of her ice field, a 20 foot ice crystal stood glinting.

Encased inside was a human figure.

'He was about to do a summoning. You had no other choice.' Hisame said. Rin didn't reply as she walked towards the tower of ice. When she was within five feet of her destination, she stopped, and raised an outstretched hand towards it. "He trapped me." She murmured as her hand touched an invisible barrier. Her eyes glanced around the frozen barracks. This was where the human soldiers had stayed during the war with them. Now it was her prison. To destroy the barrier that kept her here would mean she would have to destroy him, but apparently she couldn't – not with him protecting himself behind his magic circle. Her ice had not killed him, only sealed him. It would take years for him to break out, even with help from third parties.

'He had intended only to trap you here since the beginning so that you do not interfere.' Hisame mused. Rin's jaw tightened. "Let's prepare, Hisame." She finally decided and turned around. Her Spirit raised an eyebrow.

'You will never make it in time, Mis-…'

"I know!" she yelled. Hisame cocked her head, but didn't flinch. When was the last time she had heard her Mistress shout? "But Yuu trusted me, and I won't let her down." She continued, her voice calmer. Hisame regarded Rin's back.

'You know the truth, Mistress. You know why they want Yui, and you know the outcome. Leave it be.'

Even though she knew that Hisame was right, Rin still walked towards the edge of the trap barrier. "I can't interfere, but I can witness." She replied.

Yuu stared at the closed gates of her former elementary school, and Yui's current one.

'I'm too late!' Her entire body went numb. She had been trying to sense Rin as well, but it seemed that her cousin had vanished as well. 'No, there's still time. Our connection has vanished, but not snapped.' She told herself firmly. She took a step back slowly, before turning around and increasing her pace once more.

And then she sensed it – an attack.

Hands flashing, she repelled the attack using her dark element, only to find it useless. Cursing, she jumped out of the way before it hit her.

Feel the flare of fire,
Land yourself in quag-…

"Ah, Yuu!"

Yuu stopped her spell in mid-chant, only to find herself facing Rei. Shocked, she fumbled with her spell, causing it to burn her hand. She winced, but flapped the burns off – they hardly affected her. The rain helped. Cool hands grabbed her injured one, and she immediately felt the pain ease. She looked to see Kakeru holding her now healed hand.

"We are brethren – my combination of ice and darkness can heal you. That's why your defense against Rei's attack wouldn't work – darkness and darkness cannot harm one other, or protect another from it." He explained. Yuu blinked, still slightly dazed.

"Will you wake up? Look, I'm sorry I attacked you, but I can't feel Yui." Rei snapped. That knocked Yuu out of her reverie. "I can't find Yui at her school either. Rin seems to be too far to… contact." Yuu murmured, rubbing a hand over her ear. She finally realized she was panting. "… I feel deaf, suddenly." She continued. Rei and Kakeru looked around.

"Me too." They replied in unison.

It picked up its pace.

Leaping from rooftop to rooftop, it finally sated itself by watching a group of three students. They were alright. It observed the only girl there for a moment. Satisfied, it left once more to look for Her.

If it noticed the girl looking up, it didn't show any signs of caring.

"Did you guys feel something?" Yuu asked, raising her head. Rei raised an eyebrow. Kakeru followed her gaze.

"This isn't the time to be worried about your hallucinations! We have to find Yui!" Rei snapped. Yuu glared at him.

"I know, alright?! But do you have a lead? Do you know where to go? Do you know why they want her, and how powerful she is? I want to save Yui as much as you do, but am I forbidden to think at the same time?!" she yelled in reply, her voice rising higher and higher by the minute. The only thing that stopped her from throttling him was Kakeru's hands on hers.

"The both of you, calm down." Kakeru ordered, glaring at both in turn. He gauged his strength – with the rain, his power was almost at its zenith. He looked down at Yuu's hand – the one he was holding. 'How can she battle? Her dark element, yes. But her fire? Her dark element is so… basic. And if whoever took Yui has Rin with them…' His expression tightened. He and Rin might share similar elements, yet…

'Master? I can help.' Zin said, materializing. Rei blinked at him, before releasing his own Spirit. Yuu looked pass their shoulders – she could only sense their Spirits.

"Are you sure?" Rei asked Zin. Yuu raised an eyebrow.

"What did he say?" she asked. She was sick of being left out whenever one of these things happened.

"Zin – my spirit – says he can help. Although I don't know how…" Kakeru replied, looking at his own Spirit uncertainly. The said Spirit scowled. 'That girl's Spirit – she is powerful. More powerful than me, by a huge gap. But her mark is on me – I can feel her. She and her Mistress are trapped. Out north-west from here, about seven leagues from here.'

"What the hell is a league?!" Rei snapped. Obviously, his temper was falling short.

"It's a distance – roughly between four and five kilometers. What did he say?" Yuu replied. Her cousin's lack of vocabulary never ceased to amuse her – leagues were the old way of calculating distance.

"Zin said about seven leagues northwest from here… Seven leagues would make it about twenty-eight to thirty-two kilometers… What's there?" Kakeru asked.

'The old barracks.' Kaze, Rei's spirit murmured, speaking out for the first time. Zin's eyes narrowed, while Kakeru blinked and Rei's breath got caught in his throat. Yuu read their expressions.

"It's the old barracks, isn't it?" she whispered.

"During the War, the barracks housed thousands of injured men. After the War, people started rebuilding their homes close by… and then it has evolved into this place…" the speaker's black hair ruffled in the wind. He seemed unaffected by the rain – it seemed to simply stay away from him. Beside him, his friend scoffed.

"You're already late. Didn't you promise to meet up with Saya, Ryou?"

Ishida Ryou looked up at his friend's accusing green eyes. He was using a business suit that got more soaked by the minute.

"You better bring that to the dry-cleaners."

"Don't change the subject, Ryou." He scowled. Sighing, Ryou glanced as three people dashed pass him. He cocked his head slightly. His friend looked over his should to see the three disappearing figures.

"Wasn't that-?"

"It seems my brother has made some interesting friends, don't you think?"

"Oh, whatever! Just make sure you reach Saya's soon. I am NOT going to act as alibi for your delay."

Yuu's feet splashed on the puddles. For some reason, she felt dizzy. She was sure she had sensed something – even seen something. A physical form of power… she didn't know how to explain it. But it was as if… it had triggered something in her. She looked at Ryou and Kakeru running before her – she could always sense another person's Spirit, unless, of course, that person decided to hide his or her Spirit.

But now…


Bit by bit…

She could actually see and hear them. Not just sense them anymore. It was impossible for her to do that, unless…

Unless I have a Spirit of my own…

She shook her head. The advantages of her supposing to have a Spirit must be expanding. It had never happen before, as far as she knew, but… there was a first time for everything, right?

Or her Spirit could be surfacing.

Will you stop thinking about this? Your first priority is Yui!

"Okay guys, I think I can do it here." Kakeru called out. Yuu stopped and gasped for breath. Before them was the lake inside the Park. Kakeru had told them that he could teleport them anywhere, as long as there water, which would be easy now since there was rain. Yuu gulped – the teleportation was through water and not darkness. Kakeru had assured her that since they both had the darker element, it wouldn't harm her, but she was fire – how could she not fear water? And how could he be sure she wouldn't be affected? Had he done this before?

'Oh, shut up, Yuu! He's doing this to help you – he has nothing to do with the Ishida! He's never even met Yui before!'

"Yuu, I need you to try and suppress your flame. You might make the medium evaporate – this is through the essence of water, not water itself. Still, the reactions would be the same." Kakeru ordered. Yuu nodded and closed her eyes as she searched for the fire inside her. 'This is the fastest way to reach there with what we have.' She told herself as she pushed it down and covered it up with darkness like a net.

"That's enough." Kakeru murmured. Nobody was around, she noted. It was then she realized that the whole city seemed strangely empty, even for a rainy day…

Kakeru took a step onto the lake's surface. Instead of sinking, the water held under him. Rei and Yuu followed, trusting him. Neither one sinked. They walked until they reached the middle, rain falling on them. Yuu gulped and tried not to yell at the undoubted bottomless depth below or her frustration at the slow pace. Rei stopped in front of her as Kakeru stopped in front of him.

"Make a circle, and hold you right hands in the middle. We are kin through darkness, not water, so sketch a basic dark circle. Water isn't solid, and you might not be used to it, so just pretend that below you is ice, as you must NOT forget your base is water. Are you ready?" He asked. The other two held out their hand together and Kakeru put his hand on theirs. Below their feet, a dark circle sketched itself, outlining the colors red, blue and yellow.

Take us to the place of our desire
Water, wind and fire
Bring us along
The ones that You mirror

A pillar of water rose and entwined them.

They were gone.