So it seems I'm back where I started from

With only you on my mind

For a while you were just a distand memory

Gone away

Far away

Never to return

Because you were ruining your life

And you wanted me to step back

To watch it all happen

To watch you die

And to watch myself lose control

Control I never had

I see now that you were right

In trying to drag me away from your "suicidal" state

I wasn't prepared

No- I wasn't ready

To watch you degrade yourself drink by drink

But you don't receive all the credit

Because I still stuck by your side

I still listened

I still accepted your decisions

And let you make your own choices

With my opinions in mind

Looks like you're still alive and well

Happy with who you you are

You learned how to be the big man on campus

Without abusing the power

And as I gently whisper goodbye

To the moonless, starless night

I hope that you can hear me

And will hold those words

Until we meet again

When the snowflakes fall all around

Showing our new beginning