" BITE ME ! "

An Urban Teen Series

While waiting on the corner of Big'Poppa's

candy-store, Tiara felt lonely as she held a bag of

salt-n-vinegar chips just chopping those thangs up,

bite by bite. It was now around 7:30 hittin the nite hours and really no one was around. her boyfriend Trevon was suppose to be pickin her up like half an hour ago, she then stop choppin up those chips as she lick her salty fingers up, she grab her nextel cell-phone and tried to call this nigga,

but he wasn't anwering his phone, as she kept dialing

trevon, her Ex-boyfriend-Alejandro had appeared with

his car then drove by while stopping near her ." hey tiara, you need a ride or somethin, what'z up with you, girl.." . Alejandro said reaching his head out of his car." um..no...I'm okay,". replied Tiara. " you sure..

.I don't wanna see you walkin this time ah nite ".

he said In a care giving way. " Boy, please...who you

suppose to be, my daddy ! ". she said In a sarcastic way.

" I'm just caring for yo ass ". he said. " well,

thanks...but I'll be fine...my boyfriend is picking me up soon...". she said. " fine...well I got to go, seeya later, tiara...". He said as he rode off. For some reason Tiara really wanted that ride, but she knew It would had felt a little awkward knowing that Alejandro was her Ex...and she knew Trevon would've been pissed off. It was now 8:P.M, finally Trevon had rode up to pick up Tiara. " hey, baby..I'm so sorry I'm late, things came up, boo ! ". Trevon said. " nigga please...are you fuken serious, don't give me that bull-shit, I tried to call yo ass since 7:00, were tha fuck where you , Tre...". She said with a pissed off attitude." well damn, I said I was sorry...tiara ! ".he said." don't you dare try to change the fuken subject,Tre,

I ask you where were you...well, did I stutter, nigga

answer me, fool ? ". she said all up In his face." I was at Kory's crib chillin, then It just got carried away, baby...I won't do that shit no more...okay...". He said. He then started to give her those puppy-dog eyes and stared

her down with a seductive frown. " Fine,tre...you bet not do that shit again, I mean It, Tre...I love yo ass to much to be gettin mad at yo ass for the stupid shit you do..". They then just smiled at eachother and kissed as they drove away listening to mariah carey's single " shake It off ". Trevon then dropped off Tiara at her friends house which was both hugged and kissed eachother as he then drove off telling her " I love you ". Tiara then walked to the porch as Brandi opened the door as she reached It." well damn, girl...can I knock first.. " .Tiara said." whateva, Just bring yo ass Up in her...tell me everything...". Both of the girls then went In brandi's room while talking up. " so how was It...Did anything happen... ... ? ".Brandi said so desperately to find out. " No, girl...we really didn't do anything...we first went to the movies then he dropped me off at

Big' poppa's store cause I had to talk to KiKi about something...Then this nigga had the nerve to pick me up like an hour late..".Tiara said. " damn...I thought ya was doing something else...girl ! ". Brandi said with a curious smile. " ...No ! we did not have sex...we only been

going out for a month ". Tiara said. " well damn, excuse me, I'm just sayin you need to pop yo cherry, Your'e like the oldest virgin I know ".Brandi said. " who cares..

I'm sixteen and I can pretend to be a virgin...oh shit I mean..be a virgin ". Tiara said, surprized of what she just told Brandi." oh my...I just caught you In a lie...Your'e not really a virgin..you had sex, but with who...holly shit...It was Alejandro...wasn't It ? ". Brandi questioned tiara." You are so noisy...yea whatever... ".Tiara confessed to brandi. " whatever...I can't believe you, all this time..and you never told me..., I'm your bestfriend..you liar ". Brandi said as she smiled in shock .

" well some things are meant to be kept private...,but now yo ass know and don't tell anyone, brandi...I mean It ! ". Tiara said." I won't, but damn...you bitch...all this time I thought you were a lonely virgin ! ". Brandi said with a sarcastic smile." Oh, yeah...Alejandro had stop by me today and offered me a ride..but I said no...he was really caring of me, kind of freaky right ? ".Tiara said. " No, that's not freaky, that's love...I think he still loves you..., girl ". Brandi said. " But I'm In love with trevon.

..me and alejandro are over...I still kind of have feelings for him,but...I can't express It..you know ! ". Tiara said confuse about her emotions. " look, tiara...I don't know why you love this fool, trevon, all he Is,

Is ".Brandi said. " No he is not, he cares for me,he might fuck up at times, but he still loves me.., why you be hatin on him ". Tiara said. " like I told you before, everygirl he goes out with regrets the dating, he's a liar and a dog like the rest of those thug as niggas...I don't know why you like those kind of guys...all they do Is fuck with are emotions, girl ". Brandi said. " well I just know Ifelled for him and I trust him alot...,Everyman Ain't perfect like your college guy, Quentin ". Tiara said. " that's not the point,

you should have stayed with Latino-heat...and he Is much finer than trevon, thug ass ". Brandi said. " well it didn't work out between us ". Tiara said. " Why did ya break up In the first place...? ". Brandi questioned Tiara. " well he had to go on a long vacation trip back to his home-town the whole summer, so we decided to break up...and the weird thing about It,It was right after we had sex ". Tiara said." well look, If you really love this guy, trevon..well do the damn thang..I just don't wanna see you get hurt, girl ". brandi said. " I'll be fine, i trust him, girl...don't worry, I'll be okay with or without him ". tiara said. Then they Just hugged eachother and prepared for bed as tiara spunt the night over. On the other hand, Trevon arrives at his buddy Kory's crib to talk about something." hey, what's up man...why you nervous,

Tre ". Said Kory." dog...I fucked up big time...fuck !

I need you to do me a favor,dog..". trevon said. "...what...".said Kory." Just If anyone ask, I was here at 7:P.M, alright..man ". Said Trevon. " yeah,dog...whatever...Just be careful of

whatever yo stupid ass did ". Kory said. Then Trevon

just drove off and went Home Or did he...Now Alejandro and Shamyla On their date Together At aTeen hang-out joint. " So was the food good, do you want anything else,babe ? ". Said Alejandro as a gentleman.

" no thanks, what I want, there will be plenty of time to get It.". Said Shamyla smiling at alejandro like a peice of meat. " So you want to go to the movies or something after this ". He said. " yeah, whatever.,..so you use to go out with that girl Tiara robinson. " Shamyla questioned. " yeah...but It's over now ". he said. " so you like black girls... ". Shamyla said. " doesn't matter...I like her for who she was, Is that a problem for you...".He said." No...just curious ". She replied. " You're saying just because I'm latino, I can't get down with a black girl..". He said. " No, not at all,...I'm sayin that I'm nothing like Tiara..I'm 100 latino, but personally I think everyone should stick with their own kind, You feel'in me, hunny ". She said. " actually, no I'm not feel'in you at all,

I have no problem with diverse relationships...and If you're like that, then we should'nt be dating, babe ! ". He said." No...please don't get me wrong, I'm not a racist at all, It's just something I consider, look Alejandro...I really like you alot and I wanna go out with you ". She said." we are going out, right now ! ". He said. " No !, I mean like a relationship ". She said. " Oh...Oh !, so your'e asking me out,damn...Isn't this a little too soon, shamyla ". He said. " nothing Is never too soon if you like a person...so ". She said. " I like you too, but...". He said. " But what...". She questioned. " nothing,...yeah, I'll go out with you...".He both then smiled at eachother as across from eachother at a dining table. Now Yanyl and Alexis arrive In the Teen-hang out.

" Hey, Yanyl, Isn't that your Ex-AlJandro, girl.." Said Alexis. " I don't care...I came here to have some fun..and chill out ". Yanyl said. " But still, he over there talkin with that slut shamyla...,ya just broke up a week ago...".Alexis said. " whatever, that's his bussiness, now let's change the subject about yo crush on Kory lewis...yea what's wrong, cat caught yo tongue,

Ain't talkin all that shit now ". Yanyl said smiling.

" whatever...It's just a crush...that's It ! ". Alexis said.

" well you need to tell him..." It's just a crush ". Said Yanyl. " no, I can't...I don't no If he's single or what and matter of fact he's too old for me ! ". Alexis said.

" No he Is not, He's only 17 and you are 16, so It can I can ask my friend Trevon about him..". Yanyl said. Now Shamyla then walk's over to Yanyl and alexis's table with her new 411. " yes !, can we help you, shamyla ? ." said Alexis. " not really, I just wanted to let you know, Me and Alejandro are officially going out with eachother..well spread the good news, seeya both later, oh..hey Yanyl...". said Shamyla as she walked off with a slick smurk on her face. " damn...I told you, he's Is such a jerk...He goes out with someone a week after his latest breakup, then that someone Is a tramp, and to know that you loved his ass...he's cute and fine, but he Is such a jerk, shouldn't that tell you something...he really didn't love you ". said alexis. " I don't care...he's my ex any way, let's just ...I'm getting a little sick...". said Yanyl. They then both left the hang-out. Now back at Kory's crib while hangs out with his next door neighboor-Dominic. " so did you watch that football game last night, my nigga ". Said Kory. " Nah...man, I missed It, My girl wanted to spend time together,but the thing Is I'm tryin to break up with her ass ". Said dominic.

" why, dog ". Kory said. " why !, man, do you even know my girl,KiKi..., It's just I ain't feelin her no more...We have'nt had sex yet and we been going out for two years, since we were 14, nigga '. Said Dominic. " Damn, that's some shit !, two years, ya asses should be married around this bitch..., so you wanna break up with her cause yo ain't hittin that azz, nigga ! ". Said Kory.

" No !, I just want a break, from her ass...she just to lovable and shit...she's just to good for me and I don't wanna break her heart, dog ! ".Dominic said. " well, what the fuck you think you doin when you go break up with her... ". kory said. " I'm ...I just want to be free and get back In the dating game ". Said Dominic. " well be careful man, and break It to her solfly,dog ! ". Said kory. " allright, well seeya lata, my nigga ". Said dominic as he walked back to his house next to Brandi's house. Now It's about 10:30 at night and tiara wakes up as she hears noises across the hall of the room she's In,

She doesn't see Brandi In her bed, so tiara get's out of bed to go see where brandi went. She hears those noise getting louder...and for a moment she think she hears rustling and kiss smashing. She walks to the room where the noises are coming from and then silently twistes the knob and opens It...Then she views Brandi's younger brother-Brandon making out with a girl she knows...which Is Kiki, she then Is stunned, but The two keep

making out and are not aware that tiara has just caught them in an then sneak's away slowly. Then as she walks back In brandi's room, she see's that brandi Is back In her bed and Is asleep, so she then gets back In her bed and heads asleep as well, But the thing that Tiara doesn't realize Is that someone else Is In that room along with Her and brandi...and let's just say It Isn't Quentin !