Today Is a very speacial day for Tiara, She IS having her first ever birthday Party forher sweet sixteen and Is now Staying home today to prepare for her Birthday bash In her house. It's Now 7:45 In the morning and she and her cousins are at the grocery store getting food and party supplies for the party.On the other hand, The others are In school during second period. Jarvis and Yanyle In there Alegebra 2 honors class talking after a Pop Quiz." So are you going to Tiara's party ? ".asked Jarvis. " I don't think so... ".replied Yanyle." Why you say that ? ".asked Jarvis. " Maybe because I didn't get a Invitation from her ".said Yanyle. " No way, she probaly forgot, I'm sure you can come, she doesn't have nothing against you.. ".said Jarvis. " Well I an Alejandro's Ex and that will be kinda weird If I appeared at her party, And If Alejandro Is gonna be there, Then I rather not go, I still can't stand how he told everyone about my Situation, It's fine, I'll just be home chillin with my nanny ".said Yanyle. " Are you serious, Chillin with your Nanny, No hunny. If you're not going, I'm not going, me and you are going out Tonight, It's just been too long ".said Jarvis. " You don't have to do this, Just go to the party, I know you wanna go, Jarvis. I'll be fine ".said Yanyle. " No, hunny. Me and you are hanging out and that's Final, no more excuses, and It's sho Is better than chillin with your Nanny ".said Jarvis." Fine, I guess Nanny won't mine at all.. ".said Yanyle. " She bet not mine ".said Jarvis, Laughing." You're so stupid, shut up and where are we going matter of fact ? ".asked Yanyle. " To that New club, " FRESH ". and tonight Is Grown-N-sexy Night, so we gotta dress up, Is that okay with you ".said Jarvis. " Yeah, but I just have one question, we are not how are we going to get In ? ".asked Yanyle. " I got the hook up, remember I'm a rich boy, We'll get In, don't worry about that, you just be dressed up and I'll be at your place with the Limo around 7, okay, hunny ".said Jarvis. " I got It ".said, smiling, Yanyle.

Shamyla and Toya In there Anerobics Class chatting up during Excersizing." So everybody Is talking about that damn party ".said Toya. " Excuse me, What party, A party that I Don't know about, Fill me In, girl ? ".asked Shamyla. " Sophomore, Tiara Is having her sweet sixteen afterschool today at her house, alot of people are going ".said Toya. " What the fuck, and where Is my Invitation at ? ".asked Shamyla. " She already passed them out, Don't feel bad, I ain't get one either, It's go be a dumbass party anyway ".said Toya. " That's not the point, That bitch didn't give me a damn Invite, She must be out of her fucking mind, She can't have party without me being there, I'm the Queen of parties, She has just fucked up, So she wanna play a game with me, Fine. I gotta plan, This party will be crashed and she will regret it for not Inviting me, This bitch will get what's coming her way, Oh yes, this will be a sweet sixteen she'll never forget, or should I say A bitter-sweet sixteen..(laughing)...".said Shamyla. Then both girls started up concocting a evil plan to ruin Tiara's party.

Demetrius and Alejandro In there Physical Fitness Class Outside On the field walking while talking." So you ready for It ? ".asked Demetrius. " What you talkin about, bro, ready for what ? ".aked back Alejandro. " For Tiara's Birthday party ".said Demetrius. " Oh shit, That Is today, Isn't It, Oh damn... ".said Alejandro, surprised. " Did you forget, man ".said Demetrius. " No !, It just slipped my mind, Damn It's Just I made plans for after school, I don't think I can go her party ".said Alejandro. " Well It's right afterschool, It's not til 8 and you people don't start arriving til like an hour later than It starts, so you'll make It, man ".said Demetrius. " No, It's for all weekend long, damn she go be pissed off at me, fuck ! Well I gotta do what I gotta do, look, man I gotta go, catch you later, bro. peace out. ".said Alejandro, leaving In a hurry. " later... ".hollered, Demetrius.

It's Now lunch period for all students. Demetrius and BrandI at lunch Together In the Cafeteria." I guess It's just us two, for today ".said Demetrius. " Yeah, but where's Alejandro, I thought I saw him today ? ".asked BrandI. " Yeah he was here then he just left during P.E class, he said he had to go somewhere ".said Demetrius. " What, Well he better be at my girl, Tiara's party ".said BrandI. " Yeah about that, He had forgot about her party today, I had to remind him ".said Demetrius. " Are you serious, He forgot my homegirl's birthday, where the hell does he have to go ? ".asked BrandI. " He didn't say, but I think he's still going to her party, He wouldn't miss It, He was probaly just joking with me ".said Demetrius. " I hope so ".said BrandI. " Me too ".said Demetrius.

Alexis and Ebony Sneaking out of school, Skipping out and going to Alexis's place." Come on, come In ".said Alexis, closing her front door. " So who's home ? ".asked Ebony." Nobody, Never tell the truth, My father Lives In california and he comes over here once every two weeks to give my mom money ".said Alexis. " I'm so sorry ".said Ebony. " Sorry about what ? ".questioned Alexis. " About your parents, there Divorced right ".said Ebony. " No !, He just haves a Job over there, my mom and dad are nothing separated, It seems like a divorce, but it's not, It's for his stupid job, and my mother just got ah new job and she's only here during the fucking night when I'm sleep, I never see her during the day anymore, basically I have no parents In my life, It's like there both gone ".said Alexis. " That must suck and both of your parents are Alive, so do you have any siblings up In here ? ".asked Ebony. " I had ah brother, Danny, but the last time I saw him was when I was five, yeah long time no see, he ranned away and we never heard of him again, my parents say he ranned away because he felt guilty of his bad life, but It was actually because of my Dad, because dad was never home and Danny needed him at things, like ah father figure, so he just ranned away, and nothing still hasn't changed about dad being around, what ah life I have ".said Alexis." Well like I said before, welcome to a dreadful life, It just gets worst by the minute ".said Ebony." I hope not, I just wish Danny would come back, but at the same time I hate him for leaving me with her ".said Alexis. " With who ? ".asked Ebony. " My mom ".said Alexis.

Back to school, It's now the last period of the school day. Brandon, Monique and Antwuan In there English class, while Is lecturing a lesson. " So we going to that girl's party or wat ".said Antwuan. " Yeah, I'll be there, twuan ".said Brandon. " You goin, mo ? ".asked Antwuan. " I don't gotta ride ".said Monique. " I can take you ".said Brandon. " You sure ? ".asked Monique. " Well the boy said he can take you, Mo ".said Antwuan. " Shut up, Twuan, I have ears just like you, I'm not deaf ".said Monique. " Excuse me, then...It's just If you li...".said Antwuan speaking, but Interupted by Monique. " Stop It, I mean It Twuan ".said Monique. " So you want the ride or what Monique ? ".asked Brandon. " Yeah, you can pick me up at kory's house, I'll be there ".said Monique. " Kory not going ? ".asked Brandon. " No, he gotta work tonight ".said Monique. " Oh okay, well I'll be there about 7:30, that's fine with you ? ".asked Brandon. " Sure, It's perfect, just call me when you're coming my block ".said Monique. " How about you Antwuan, you gotta ride, man ? ".asked Brandon." Yeah, my cousin Seymour go take me there ".said Antwuan." So everybody got a ride, so we all go be there, so all of us should be there tonight ".said Brandon. " Yep, this party better be off the hook ".said Antwuan. " Well It Is Tiara's first party, So we'll just have to wait Til we get there ".said Monique. " This will be her first party ever, hope everything goes good ".said Brandon.

It's now 3:30 and school Is over and the weekend has begun for everyone.Kiki Is now at home revealing her news to her parents. They are all surrounded at the dinner table, Kiki, her older sister and her parents. " So I wanted you all to come here because I got good news, Mom, dad...Um...I'M Pregnant ".revealed Kiki. Her sister seems happy for her, but her parents look rangingly upset and her father begins to yell at her. " How could you, Kiki, Have'nt me and your mother Taught you self Tolorence and Self respect ".her father, Yelled. " What have you done, Kiki ".said her mother, Disappointed. " I'm sorry, But It just happened, I didn't want to be pregnant ".said Kiki. " That's not the problem, You defied our trust young lady, you lost your virginity out of wed-lock, you'll go to hell ".said, her father, angrily. " Dad, please, she said sorry ".said Kiki's sister. " This has nothing to do with you, Kora ".said her father. " Daddy please I'll never do It again, I promise ".said Kiki. " I don't care, Pack your stuff now, I want you out of my house tonight, you will not raise that child In my home, I mean It ".Yelled her father. " Daddy please, don't do this to me, you're suppose to be here for me, please daddy, daddy...! ".crying, Kiki. " I really don't care, Get your belongings and leave this house, You'll face this problem on your own, now get out or I'll escort you out, as of now, you have 3 hours to leave my house, this Is the end of this discussion ".said her father as he left the Dining room and headed In his bedroom, Slaming his door. " Mom... ".wyning, Kiki. " Your father Is doing this for the best, just do what he says Kiki ".said her mother. " Where am I Suppose to go then ? ".asked Kiki. " Well you should've thought of that before you got pregnant ".said her mother,leaving to her kiki ranned to her Sister, Kora for Comfort as she cried In her Sister's arms.

Quentin and Charmel In lunch together On the college campus. " So where's your little girlfriend at, Is she at home watching cartoons ? ".asking, sarcastically, Charmel. " Yeah, Very funny. She's In highschool, Not kindergarden. She doesn't have any classes here on fridays, so she's not here ".said Quentin. " Good, then we can go out tonight ".said Charmel. " What, go out ! ".said Quentin. " Yeah, Just hang out like the friends we are, If that's okay with you ".said Charmel. " ...Sure, Where are we going, Charmel ? ".asked Quentin. " My friend got me two free passes to this new club called " FRESH " , tonight suppose to be Grown-N-sexy night, so you have to dress all up, okay ".said Charmel. " Are you serious ? ".said Quentin. " Yes, sir. so I'll be at your apartment around 7:30, you better be ready, and look sexy, I know It's not that hard for you, because you already are, but do what It do, Quentin, well seeya later ".said, leaving, Charmel. Quentin just felt like he was doing something he should'nt had been doing.

Hours have passed and It's almost time for Tiara's birthday party. It's now 7:00 on the dot.Tiara and BrandI Preparing for her party. " Wow, this thang Is tight, you got the food ready, damn you got Fried-Honey chicken, Japanese-Spicy Ribs, Lobster Pasta, Patato-salad, double macroroni-N-cheese, cold-slaw, pork-N-beans and oh shit you got my favorite Peach-cobbler, damn where you got all this food from, girl ? ".asked BrandI. " Well I had get Multi-curtural up In this thang, Well daddy got the hook up, My cousin, Roxanne Up In the Kitchen cooking up her famous Blue-Berry Pie, you go see why this family loves to eat ".said Tiara. " Well got like ah half an hour to find out, let me go get dress, I gotta look fly for the party, I'll be back down by time the party starts ".said BrandI. " Okay, but don't take too long, girl ".said Tiara. " I won't girl, I'll be back down ".said BrandI." You better, well go ahead and hurry up before my party start ".said Tiara. Then the door bell rings and Tiara opens up the door and The D.J has arrived with his System set and starts hooking It up for the party.

Time has flew by and It's Now 8:00. Yanyle and Jarvis Enter the club with their fake I.D's." Whoa..this place Is crouded, but It looks nice In here and so new ".said Yanyle. " Well It Is a new club, hunny. ".said Jarvis. " You know What I meant, jarvis ".said Yanyle. " You want ah drink ? ".asked Jarvis. " Sure, I'll go get us some seats, just get the drinks, I'll be over there by the stage area ".said Yanyle. " Okay, I'll be over there In ah few ".said Jarvis, leaving to get drinks.Then Quentin and Charmel Enter the club five minutes later. " This Is my song, You gotta dance with me right now, Quentin ! ".said Charmel. " What ! we just got up In here, don't you want ah drink first ".said Quentin. " No, Just dance with me, now ".said Charmel as she pulled him along with her to the dance floor as " SO WHAT "by Ciara was playing On the Loud-Speaker. They both then started to dance, smiling at eachother. Then Jarvis came back and sat down with Yanyle as he gave her, her drink. " What Is this ? ".asked Yanyle. " It's a Shirley-Temple ".said Jarvis. " What ! I don't drink ".said Yanyle. " Oh my, It's a non-acholic bervage, chill out, girl ".said Jarvis. " Oh, Sorry ".said Yanyle. " Don't worry I got you ".said Jarvis. Then The dancing croud gets louder and everyone's attention Is focussed on a couple On the dance floor. " What Is going On out there ? ".asked Yanyle. " I don't know, but I'm about to find out, I'll be right back ".said Jarvis as he went to the dance floor then He Is surprised to see Quentin with Charmel really close with eachother." How did I get Into this with you ? ".said Quentin. " Because, I have you like that and were meant to be Quentin, our love Is no Accident, I know you still love me ".said Charmel, looking Into Quentin's green eyes. " I can't love you like I use to, I'm already... ".said Quentin, but before he could continue His sentence, Charmel just leaned In and Kissed him as everyone began to clap. Then Jarvis walked back to Yanyle. " So what was It, what did you see ? ".asked Yanyle. " Nothing, nothing at all ".said Jarvis, Lying to yanyle.

Now It's 8:30 and Tiara's Party has started, While " Young-Jock's, It's Going Down ", Is being Played by the D.J. Everyone starts to enter, among those arrivals are Tiara herself, BrandI, Bryant, Demetrius, Leandre, Joy, Eva, Brandon, Monique,and more of her friends and Family. " Happy birthday, Tiara ".said Demetrius as he gave her a hug. Then more people started hugging her as she passed by to say hello. Then As BrandI Came down the stairs, She see's Eva dancing with a girl. Then Tiara walks over to BrandI. " By time you got don here, girl, what you lookin at ? ".asked Tiara. " Who Is she, that girl with Eva ? ".asked BrandI. " Oh, that's her girlfriend, Zamora, she's new at our school, she transferred from Detroit, I told Eva she could bring ah friend, So I guess she brought her girlfriend ".said Tiara. " They are dancing too close , girl ".said BrandI. " Why you worryin about that girl, let her do her, long as It's none of that lesbian sex In my house, I'm okay ".said Tiara. " I'll be back, Let me check on my birthday cake ".said Tiara, walking off. " Okay ". said BrandI.

Brandon and Monique At the Party table eating up. " Did you see,Antwuan come In here ? ".asked Brandon. " No, I thought you spoke to him ".said Monique. " I did, I called his cell, he said he was on his way, he said his cousin Seymour stopped at Big Poppa's Corner store for ah second, but he shoud've been here already, I know he didn't get lost ".said Brandon. " He'll be here, He probaly out In the front trying to get ah parking spot, that thang Is crouded out there ".said Monique. " You probaly right, let me go check, I'll be right back ".said Brandon. " Okay, I'll just be here waiting ".said Monique.

Joy Is Then Approached by Bryant. " Hey, good girl. where have you been lately, have'nt seen your face In sight, you didn't forget about me, did you ".said Bryant. " Why are here. you make me sick, just leave me alone ".said Joy. " But don't you want your drugs, I'm sure you've been suffering without them ".said Bryant. " No ! I have not, I'm not a Heroin-Addict anymore, I've been seeing the school counciler and I'm going to sign up for a rehab check In this summer, so It's over Bryant, I will never make that mistake again".said Joy. " You can never get rid of me, I made you to the person you are ".getting mad, Bryant. " Boy, Pa lease, Just give It up ".said Joy as she walked away, Then Bryant grabbed her arm and she strangled herself away from him and slapped him with dull force.

" Don't you ever touch me, Bryant. you don't know me like that, just leave me the hell alone, what part of that don't you understand, niggro.. ".said, In a bitchy mood, Joy. " What Did I do to you ? ".said Bryant. " You gave me fucking syphillis, you asswhole ! ".yelled, Yanyle with rage. Then everyone turned around and looked at Joy and Bryant. " I'm am sick you, Bryant. you have tried to ruin my life, but you can't. you hooked me on drugs and thought I was your bitch, but no, I'm not anymore. you are just a poor minded child, you're never be like a normal teenager, you're just cruel and full of aimosity, you need to grow up and face reality, It's no one's fault that your father raped your mother and you were the result, just because your mother hated you, doesn't mean you should hate everyone else, you are empty of care anf full of hate-drid, you will never to me like that again, as of now don't you ever speak to me, just stay the hell out of my life, you freak ".yelling In rage, Joy. Then Bryant looks full of awe and walks away from the party as everyone gives him a cold grin then he leaves. Then everyone claps for Joy.

Tiara and BrandI In the kitchen talking. " What's going on out there ".said BrandI. " I don't know, but I know Alejandro better get his behind here, he go miss the whole cake part and the last dance, where Is this boy ".said Tiara. " Oh yeah about that, I don't think he's coming ".said BrandI. " What you mean, he's not coming.. ? ".asked Tiara. " Well Demetrius told me that Alejandro left school during second period ".said BrandI. " What ! where did he go ? ".asked Tiara." He didn't say, all I know demetrius said It like as If he hauled ass ".said BrandI. " Just why would he do this to me ".said Tiara. " He might still come, girl. Let's just go cut this cake, we can't wait on him forever, I'll be there waiting for you ".said BrandI as she went In the Dining room. Then a tear dropped out of Tiara's eye, but she wiped It away and made a smile then walked Into the Dining room as everyone welcomed here with a round of applause.

Now Antwuan and His cousin Seymour Are Driving to the party Late. " Nigga what took you so long, you were In that store for like 30 minutes, nigga ".said Antwuan. " Chill out, Cus, we almost there ".said Seymour." Man you get my nerves, just get me to that damn party ".said Antwuan. " Alright then ".said Seymour. Then Antwuan turns around and see's bag with a pack of beer In It. " So you went In the store to get beer, nigga ".said Antwuan. " Yeah, my beer for Tonight ".said Seymour." Nigga please, let me get one ".asked Antwuan. " You trippin, Twuan. you ain't 21 yet Cus ".said Antwuan. " Nigga you already made my ass late, you can at least hook my up with one beer, come On I won't tell nobody you gave It to me, please Cus ".said Antwuan. " Fine, get one for you ".said Seymour. " Nigga please you want one too ".said Antwuan. They both then started Drinking.

Back to the party As Is eating Cake. Brandon and Monique are now worried about Antwuan. " So did you see him out there or what ? ".asked Monique. " No, and he's not picking up his cell either, but It's ringing, damn I don't know where His ass at right now ".said Brandon. " I hope he didn't do anything stupid, Let's just finish up our cake ".said Monique. As they both ate up there piece of cake.

Now Antwuan and Seymour are really wasted and Drunk. Then While Seymour Is Driving, He does'nt see the Moving car Driving In front of him and Accidently Crashes The car With a result Of both cars Flipped over and Rolling with such Damanging Impact Of Seymour's Car Nearly Ripped In half and Nobody Is found In his car.