It's A new day, It's Saturday morning and Tiara Is awoked by a knock on her Front door and wakes up to answer the door and see's Alejandro holding a giftwhile Smiling. " What do you, Alejandro...It's too early for this ".said Tiara, yarning." Look, I know you're really mad at me ".said Alejandro. " You damn right, where were you, I waited for you all night, boy ".said Tiara. " Look, I'm sorry, I had to take care some business, But now I'm all your's, nothing to worry about ".said Alejandro. As he leaned over and triedto kiss her, she leaned away. " What kind of bussiness ? ".asked Tiara. " Just ah family thing ".said Alejandro." But you knew It was my birthday, you knew how Important you being there was to me ".said Tiara." Well baby, I know , I admit It , It was my fault, but I still thought of you, here... ".said Alejandro as He handed her a gift. " What Is It ? ".asked Tiara. " Well open It, babe ".said Alejandro. She Then opens It and Finds a Silver Necklace Inside. " Oh my god, Alejandro, I love It, boo... ".said smiling, Tiara." It's just for you, babe ".said Alejandro. " No, I can't take this, you can't afford this, baby ".said Tiara." No, you're keeping that, don't worry about the money, You deserve It, This will represent are Love, Happy birthday Baby ".said Alejandro. " Thank you, I love you too ".said Tiara as they both Kissed eachother.

Now As Jarvis Is about to leave the Mansion, Soon as he walks out the door, He see's Ebony right outsideHis porch site. " Um...Ebony what are you doing at my home, how did you know I lived here ? ".asked, confused Jarvis. " Oh Alexis told me and I just came over here to tell you something Important to me ".said Ebony, Happy. " Well this could'nt wait til Monday ". said Jarvis. " I just wanted to tell you now ".said Ebony." Well hurry up and tell me, I gotta go somewhere, what Is it ? ".asked Jarvis. " Well this Is hard for me, but I think I'm In love with you, I really, really...really like you Jarvis and we should like go out like a couple, I know you don't care about what people think, so we should have a relationship ".said Ebony. Then she leaned over and kissed him, as he then pushed her off, forming a sour look and wiping his lips with his hands. " What the fuck Is wrong with you Ebony, are you serious, I don't like you, at all ".said Jarvis. " But you said It on our date ".said Ebony. " yeah as a friend, I like all my friends the same, And It was just a friendly date, Not a real date, Look Ebony you're a real sweet girl, but do you know what I am, they must never told you, but I'm a metro-sexual, I'm not gay, but I have picky Taste In everything In life, Me and you could never go out, your look Is dread-ful, no offense, but I only go out with girls that are beautiful than me, and since I've been In Chicago, no one here Is as pretty as me, so you will never have a chance with me, you are so opposite of me, I'm not trying to be mean, but you look like a freak, I only hang out with you, because I feel sorry for you, sorry Ebony, we can only be friends, hunny, catch you later ".said Jarvis walking off As Ebony felt mad and Disrespected.

Shamyla and Toya In the Mall Shopping, Now In the Victoria Secret Store. " So what happen with you yesterday, I thought you had a plan for that girl Tiara ".said Toya." I know, Time didn't work out, I just found out that my cousin Has moved right here In chicago, She has to live with me now, Her mom got fired, So she's living with my family now, I can't believe this shit and she'll be going to our school next year, stupid bitch ".said Shamyla. " My gotch, you hate her too ".said Toya." Girl, you don't know my cousin, she's ah hiprocrited bitch, she pretends to be this preacher's daughter, ms goody two shoes, like a perfect saint, but I know her true Identity, just ah Lying bitch, you'll know her next year, she'll be In you grade level, her name Is KaylanI, KaylanI the Hyprocrite, I hate this, Now I have to go to church every fucken sunday, She got to my mother to make me go with her, Now I got two problems to take care of ".said Shamyla. " Well you got Monday through wensday, The last days of School ".said Toya.Then As Toya Purchases her things, She see's Joy and Approaches her. " Well look at this, Ms. rude bitch, we meet again ".said Toya. " What's wrong, Toya ? ".asked Shamyla. " Remember that bitch I was talking about when she gave me a rude ass attitude when I Introduced myself, Yeah this Is her ass right here, I guess she work here, stupid bitch ! ".said Toya. " Aren;t you Joy, yeah I heard about're that girl that sucked up that crack head, Bryant...I heard you got ah nasty as disease, you so nasty, what ah Hoe ".said Shamyla. " Go fuck yourselves ".said Joy. " I tried, It's not so fun ".said Shamyla as both girls started laughing. " Well Aren't you that girl that Got dumped at the dance and Toya, If I recall You got your ass whipped, so If I were you two, I would leave now, I because I can see How anxious you are to hit you face with my Fist, So I'm just gonna leave before you do that ".said Joy, walking off. " Was that suppose to be a joke...Oh I get It now... That bitch ".said Toya. " Whatever, will deal with that later, let's just go ".said Shamyla.

Yanyle Is now At Quentin's Apartment. " Hey, you. we gotta talk ".said Quentin as they both sat down In his bed. " What Is It ? ".asked Yanyle. " Look, I'm go be real with you, Yanyle. I'm not ah Liar, So I'm just go tell you, Last Night, Me and Charmel went out to just hang out at a club and she said she was still In love with me and kissed me ".revealed Quentin. " Okay, So It was a mistake, she Kissed you anyway, you didn't kiss her, just don't do It anymore and tell her you don't love her anymore ".said Yanyle. " I can't ".said Quentin. " Why ! ".said Yanyle. " Because She kissed me and I didn't stop her and...because I Still...Love her, I'm sorry Yanyle ".said Quentin. " So you're breaking up with me after a month, are you for real ".said Yanyle. " I'm sorry, It's just She's my first love, I just got so much for her, We still be friends... ".said Quentin. " Bye Quentin, have a nice life ".said Yanyle, walking out, Crying.

Monique and Brandon In his room just chillin out. " So you ready for the Finals, I hate It ".said Brandon." Yeah, But I studied all last week, so you still got no word from Antwuan ? ".asked Monique. " No, Now I'm really worried about His ass, so what are you doing during the summer Mo ? ".asked Brandon." Hangin out with you two ".said Monique. " Oh, you are ".said Brandon. " Yeah, Is that a problem for you ".said Monique. " No, not at all,I just got better people to be with than a book worm ".said Brandon. " What you said ".Asked Monique. Then she got up and started Tickling him as they both started laughing, Then they both started rolling over eachother and ended off with Brandon on the top of Monique as they both then got serious and looked Into eachother eyes, Then BrandI walked In and they both got up and stood up. " Yes, what Is It BrandI ? ".asked Brandon. " You got ah phone call, It's urgent ".said BrandI. Then Brandon Went to the Living room and picked up the phone as Monique followed him down stairs. Then As Brandon Was talking on the phone, He such a Shocked face and slamed the phone down. " What's wrong, Brandon ? ".asked Monique. " Twuan was In a car Accident With Seymour ".said Brandon. " Well Is he okay ? ".asked, In a caring way, Monique. " He's alive, He's In critical Condition, He's paralyized In both legs, But Seymour's Dead ".said Brandon. " Oh my god !, But how ".said Monique. " Seymour was driving while Drinking, damn I knew Antwuan should've rode with us ".said Brandon. " Can we go see him ? ".asked Monique. " They said later today, Damn, What Drinking can do to you ".said Brandon. " Twuan must be going through so much pain, He basically lost his legs ".said Monique.

Dominic At Kiki's New Apartment. " Oh my, baby I'm so sorry. Your parents made you live here ? ".asked Dominic. " Yeah, They don't want me raising the baby at home, So they Paid for this place, I know It's kinda poor constructing, but It's all I have. My dad decided to pay for the first month of rent for me, then I'm on my own, I gotta get ah Job This summer As Of now I gotta start supporting this baby, I'm so lost right now ".said Kiki about to cry. " Baby. It's Okay, This place Isn't that bad ".said Dominic. " Isn't that bad ! Look at It, The walls are cracked, There's wholes In the floor, Rats In the room, The matress Is really dirty, I have to listen to Fighting from next door every night for now on, The The kitchen light blew out, The air Condition is broke and the Sink water Is the color of Dirt, Yeah It's not that bad right, Come On, It's terrible In here, It was just an accident having this baby ".said Kiki. " Don't say that, Our baby Is a gift from god, A blessing, not a accident. look I'll get ah job, Look I wanna ask you something ".said Dominic as he kneeled down to his knees and held her hand In place. " What are you doing, Dominic ? ".asked Kiki. " Will you marry me, kiki ? ".proposed Dominic. " Oh my god, Why so soon ? ".asked Kiki. " Please Kiki, I love you and It's best for the baby ".said Dominic. " I can't, No ".Replied, Kiki. " But, Why. I don't understand... ".said Dominic. " Because you can't help me out with the baby ".said Kiki. " Yes I can, I'm the father ".said Dominic. " No you're not ".revealed Kiki. Then Dominic Kneeled up from off his knees. " Excuse me, what did you say ".said, confused, Dominic. " You're not the father of my baby, You're were'nt my first Dominic, Brandon was, he's the father ".said Kiki." How you know that ".said, upset, Dominic. " Because I was pregnant before we had sex ".said Kiki. Then Dominic Stared at her with a cold look and walked off with rage and disappointment. " I'm sorry, Dominic, please don't leave, I love you ".said, tearing up, Kiki. Dominic then turned around and walked back. " Are you fucken serious, this Is the lowest you could possibly do to break my heart, you lyed about your Virginity then you lyed about the baby, but you love me, how can love me when you keep hurting the fuck out of me, I can't believe this shit, It's over between us, don't you ever fuck with me again, now I think, It was a accident loving you ".said Dominic, walking off as Kiki was Crying and Wyning to him. " Please, Dominic I'm sorry, please don't leave me, no...! ".Wyned, Kiki.

It's Now another new day, It's the Last day of school, Friday the 13th. All students are now In Lunch Period.Tiara and Kiki In the Restroom putting on make-up and lip gloss. " So what happen with you, you look down ".said Tiara. " I told him the truth, He asked me to marry him and I told him No because the baby wasn't his, he left me for good ".said Kiki geting teary-eyed. Then Tiara held her with a hug. " I'm so sorry, girl. you'll be fine, don't worry, It's okay, you gotta move on, so you're gonna tell Brandon now, right ".said Tiara." No !, I can't Tiara, You promised me, were going to keep this Personal, I can never tell brandon, I don't wanna hurt anymore people, Let's just continue to pass this as Dominic's baby , I can never tell Brandon, It'll just ruin him and I can't get In any knid of relation with him, Let's just keep this our secret, Okay ".said Kiki. " Sure, I promise ".said Tiara. Then both girls left the restroom, but Tiara wasn't the only one who knew about Kiki's Secret In that restroom, Soon This personal Sistuation would get to Brandon before Kiki would have a chance to even Tell him.

Alexis and Ebony On the School Roof. " What's wrong with you, you look like you wanna kill somebody ".said Alexis. " I told him the truth, I told him I liked him ".said Ebony. " Oh my, so you know now ".said Alexis." Why didn't you tell me ? ".asked Ebony, getting mad. " Calm down, I tried to, but I did warn you and you just wanted to do what you wanted to do, Just get over It, You got you're whole life for a man ".said Alexis." Actually I don't ".said Ebony. " Yes you do, you're young, time will come for you ".said Alexis. " No I don't, My life Is over ".said Ebony. " No It's not, stop It, Jarvis Is just a boy, you'll be fine ".said Alexis. " Bye Alexis, This won't be an accident either ".said Ebony. " Now you're freaking me out, what are you talking about ".asked, worried, Alexis.

BrandI then approaches Eva at her locker. " Hi, BrandI, what do you want ? ".asked Eva." I saw you with that girl at Tiara'a party, so I heard she's your girlfriend ".said BrandI. " Yes, why. you Jealous, or Is It still a phase ".said Eva, being Sarcastic. " I'm sorry ".said BrandI. " Sorry for what ? ".asked Eva. " For not standing by you, I'll have to face the fact, I'm ah lesbian and I don't care now of what people think, I like you Eva and It's not ah phase ".revealed BrandI. BrandI then leaned over and kissed Eva Infront of everyone as everyone started running and Screaming.

Now Everyone Is Running and Screaming Outside the school. Yanyle and Jarvis Walking out the cafeteria." So he broke up with me for that model, so yeah It's over ".said Yanyle. " Yeah I kinda knew , That night We went to the club, yeah they were there ".said Jarvis. " Why did'nt you tell me then ? ".asked Yanyle. " I just didn't want you to get hurt again and she kissed her anyway ".said Jarvis. " Yeah He told me, but Shit Happens, so I guess It's all true, I'm just a Fat ass, short and relationship-challenged girl ".said Yanyle. " That's not true, You're not fat at all, okay you gained weight because of the pregnancy, but who cares, you should feel comfortable with who you are, not with other people say about you, and you're not relationship challenged, these guys are just blinded by you, they can't see what's In front of them ".said Jarvis. " Well he did dump me for a slim model, look I gotta use the restroom, I'll seeya later ".said Yanyle. " Okay, I'll be outside, everybody Is running over there ".said Jarvis. " Okay ".said Yanyle.Now Nearly the whole school Is outside In the front, The ambulance and police are everywhere Surrounded by a croud of students Shocked of something. Then Jarvis Walks over and try's to see what's going on." What happen out here, what's the problem ? ".asked Jarvis. " Somebody Killed herself, she jumped off the roof top ".said Kory. Then Jarvis moves up and Is stunned to view Ebony's body On the floor, Dead. As Alexis Is Looking down from the top shaking and Crying.

Now Yanyle Is In the Bathroom Forcing Herself To Throwup Alot Till the point She barf's out Blood and Then leaves The Bathroom wiping her tears off her face and heading outside In the front.

Now As Joy Is Leaving her Locker, Bryant Block's her from leaving. " Boy, get out my way now ".said Joy. " I didn't like the way you talked shit to me at that party, you fucken Embarrassed the hell out of me, you don't know me ". said In rage Bryant. " Okay whatever, Just please leave me alone Bryant. " I'll do that for one last time, you Bitch ! ".said Bryant as He grabbed a Gun out Of his Pocket and Pointed the Gun right at her. She then feared for her life as all her folders and purse dropped out of her hands and she began to cry. " Please Don't do this to me, I'm sorry, I'll do anything you want, please ! ".cried, Joy. " It's too late for that, sorry, but Accidents Will Happen ".said Bryant.

Everyone Outside Including, Tiara With Alejandro, BrandI, Eva, Kory, Leandre, Dominic, Yanyle and Jarvis, Brandon and Monique and Shamyla and Toya all hear A Gun-Shot In The School and Everyone Run's Inside to see The Shock Of an Accident.