Now It's morning And Tiara and Brandi Have just Awoken up around 10:AM In the morning.

" So when are your parents coming back In town...". said Tiara. " In two weeks,why...? ". said

Brandi. " nothing, girl...just wanted to know...". said Tiara. " okay..., well Quentin go be here

In a few, so let me get ready, there's some breakfast help yourself..".said Brandi.

" sure...". replied Tiara. Then tiara headed downstairs and unexpectedly saw Brandon down there.

They both looked at eachother In complete silence and just went on doing what they had to do.

Then out of the ordinary, Brandon began a confersation with Tiara.

" so how's life been with you...". said brandon, so socialable. Tiara just continued her dead silence

and Ignored him as she ate her korn-flake cereal. " um...Tiara, you ok, did I do anything...". said Brandon. Tiara then recieved a flashback of brandon and kiki kissing. " are you a fool, brandon, how could you, really fucked up ! ". said Tiara. " what ! what are talking about...". said Brandon, quite puzzled." you know exactly what the fuck I'm taiking about...I know, brandon ". said Tiara.

Brandon then gets nervous and finally knows what she Is talking about upon him.

" how long have you known..? ". said Brandon. " oh my...that wasn't the first time..., you are just so wrong, what Is your problem, she's In a relationship.. ". said Tiara. " you think I don't know that, look, she came to me, ok...I didn't provoke her or anything... ". said brandon. " but you couldv'e stop this from the beginning you fool.. ". said Tiara. " look..I will, but you can't tell Dominic...please don't ! ". said Brandon just looks so desperate While they both just stare at eachother, Then Brandi comes walking In the kitchen. " Don't tell dominic what ? ". Said Brandi, so curious to to know what Brandon meant by that phrase . ...

Now Kiki at the community Library meeting up with her bestfriend, Eva.

" hey girl, what's up girlfriend ". said Kiki as she greeted Eva. " hey you ". said Eva.

" long time no see...what you been up to...". said Kiki. " just brother just got released from, yeah , family been busy lately... ". " damn, francisco got out, well hope ya go be ok, that

boy just trouble , does trevon know he out...cause trouble really gon start, knowin they use to be

bestfriends before he went In ". said Kiki. " well they said fran got better, but I doubt It ". said

Eva. " I just remembered, It's ya anniversary tomorrow.. you and Dominic., how long has It been now ? ". Said Eva. " 3 years Tomorrow..yea...". said Kiki. " wow ! that's so good how you two can be so faithful

and In love, I wish I had that kind of relationship when I was going out with my Ex ". Said Eva.

Then Kiki starts feeling unfaithful and sad. ...

Now Alejandro comes over to Shamyla's place to chill out. Then He arrives at her front door.

" hey boo, come In ". said Shamyla with a smile on her wide face then kisses him.

Then he walks In looking around. " so who's here with you...". Said Alejandro.

" absolutely no one, Just you and me, boo..". said Shamyla. " so come up stairs ". said shamyla.

" for what..". questioned Alejandro. " what you think, come and find out... ". said Shamyla.

THen Alejandro walks with shamyla to her bedroom and then she closes her door lock. ...

Trevon comes over to visit Francisco, His former bestfriend.

" Hey, my dawg..what's up, fool...what's been poppin.. ". said Trevon. Francisco just sitting on a bench-chair just chillaxin, laid back looking tired and dull. " Hey, ok, dawg ? ". Trevon said.

Then Francisco just gets outraged and stood up right In Trevon's face, scowling him down.

" dawg ?, man, fuck you homie...You got the fuckin nerves to show up at my fucken crib, my nigga...

you must be out yo fucken mind, my nigga..., don't act like me and you cool, you fucken left me with

that bullshit, damon kicked my ass for yo dumbass favor...Then I had to go to fucken rehab, Now

It's been almost ah year, and I'm still fucked up, I lost all my homies because of yo azz, you have no

fucken reason to speak to me...just get the fuck off my property for I deal with you, well leave, punk-azz nigga...don't ever bring yo azz back over here again, " dawg ". said so ragingly, Francisco.

Then Francisco just sits back down and Trevon just leaves speechless and shocked. ...

Kory And Bryant Shooting hoops on the Basketball court In there Neighborhood.

" So you heard, Francisco got out yesterday...that some shit ! ". said Bryant.

" yeah, I heard about that...That's fucked up how Trevon lefted him to deal with Damon ". said Kory.

" well That's why I'm not In that game no fucken mo'..I'm try'In to sober and shit ". said Bryant.

" negro please, yo azz ain't nothin sober when It comes to drugs ". Said, laughing : Kory.

" whateva, man...I'm try'in my best ". Said Bryant. " yeah, just like you try'in yo best at this game, right ". Said Kory. " Shut yo azz up, you only winnin because I'm tired, man... ". Said Bryant.

" sure you are, buddy ". Said Kory. Then Kory plays with him and then beats the game 20 to 4, and just laughs his azz off as they leave the court. ...

Back To Brandon, Tiara and Brandi In the kitchen.

" so what are you talkin about.. ? ". said Brandi. " nothing, Just about some money I owe him, that's all ".said Brandon. " Oh well, I gotta go ya.., I'll be back later tonite, so dont wait up for me, seeya lata, If ya need me, call my cell...seeya when I get back ". said Brandi. Then Quentin blows his horn from outside, and Brandi rushes off and leaves. While then Tiara just walks off and Brandon just follows her. " so...please Tiara.. don't tell Dominic ! ". said Brandon. " please, I can't promise anything, I don't want to get In the middle of this at all...". said tiara. " your'e already In the middle of this... ". said Brandon. " Okay, I won't, But you better stop seeing Kiki, I mean It Brandon...". Tiara said.

" Okay, I promise to you, you keep your word and I keep mines ". said Brandon. Then they went there separate ways In the house. ...

Now Alejandro Comes out of Shamyla's bedroom, zipping up his pants and putting on his sneakers.

" So did you have fun with me, boo ? ". Said Shamyla. " sure...I gotta go...seeya lata, bye ! ". said Alejandro, as he gave her a quick kiss and left without another word. She just Smiled In Amaze and went back In her room and closed the door. ...

Quentin And Brandi At His apartment lying In his bed together watching an Erotic thriller on D.V.D.

Then Quentin starts kissing On Brandi, but for some reason she's not In the mood for any of his

sensual pleasure. She starts pushing him off and continue's to watch the Movie.

" baby, what's wrong with you, I can't even kiss you, girl ". said Quentin.

" I'm sorry Quentin I'm just not In the mood right now, okay ! ". said Brandi.

" Come On baby, you know you want me and I'm horny now..please baby, let's do It ". said Quentin.

" damn Quentin, I said no ! let me watch this movie ". said Brandi. " you have saw this movie like ah million times, girl ". said Quentin. " look Quentin, I don't wanna fuck with you right now, please let

me watch the damn movie ! ". said Brandi. " It later, baby ". said Qeuntin. Then he took his

remote and turned off the T.V with his remote. " fuck It, take my ass home, now ! ". yelled Brandi.

" But. baby...". said Qeuntin. " hell no ! take me home now, Qeuntin, I fucken mean It ! ". yelled Brandi.

" Fine,let's go then ". Quentin said as they both left his apartment and headed out. ...

Then Alexis has an unexpected encounter with Kory At the corner store Big poppa's.

" hey, aren't you Yanyle's friend..? ". said Kory. " yeah..and you're kory, right. ". said Alexis.

" yeah...I haven't seen yanyle In a long time, maybe we could hang out sometime... ". said Kory.

" Who.. ? ". said Alexis. " The three of us, you , me and Yanyle..sometime ". said Kory.

" yea, that would be great, I mean fun ! ". said Alexis, As they both smiled at eachother. ...

Then As Brandi Is drop off at her house, she then walks to her porch as Quentin drives off.

She then calls someone on her cell-phone so suspiously. " hey,look I want you to come over again tonight, If you can, I really need you with me...please...seeyou later..". said Brandi. ...

Now It's around 9:PM at night and Alexis comes by at Yanyle's house. She then knock's on the door and Yanyle opens up the door and they both go In her living room and sit on the couch.

" why you over here alexis, girl ? ". questioned Yanyle. " I got good news, I ranned Into my crush today, yep, Kory..He finally spoke to me and we were talikng about hanging out sometime, I think he likes me. Yanyle..what you think about this ". said Alexis. Then Alexis see's that Yanyle Is feeling down about something . " girl, what's look so sad..". said Alexis. " I'm positive ! ". said Yanyle.

" what are you talking about..what you mean ? ". said Alexis. " I'm pregnant ! ". revealed Yanyle.

" what ! oh my god..but, oh no ! ". said Alexis. " yeah, the last person I had sex with was Alejandro...". said Yanyle. Then she started to tear up as Alexis came to her to comfort her with a holding hug. Now Yanyle has no Idea what to do.. ...