But when the poems all start up again

I know I'm stuck in love

Stray away from that feeling

Because rejection is all that follows

Just because your smile sends me to another world

And just because your voice makes me weak as can be

It doesn't mean it's real

It doesn't mean I should be falling again

You helped to lift me up to my feet

But you gave me that push to put me back where I was

Back where I am

I know I never left you behind

Even after the way you broke me down

Not allowing me to cry

Screaming bitter words

How terrible I am

How I should keep quiet

How I should stop being so strong

Why can I write down all that's happened in the past

And still not believe it?

I cannot strain my eyes to see

How the abuse is negative

How the abuse is actually abuse

Because you still treat me with resepect

You still treat me with that decency

Only difference is it's conditional

Only difference is there's fear

I hope that you had a good day

So your anger would not be expressed

Taken out

On me

See the bad

See the evil

Let go

He's not worth it.