Christian ripped his sword from its sheath, the cold blade whistling against it. The tiny sliver of moonlight slipping into the room caught the blade and sparkled wildly. But Christian wasn't seeing the sparkling, all he could see were the whites of the man's eyes. He pressed the edge of the blade into the man's neck, almost feeling the man breathing against it.

"Finally, the time comes," Christian hissed.

"Please, have mercy on me," the man croaked, his throat moving into the blade even more. "Please. I beg of you."


"What will they think? What will my people think of you?"

Christian leaned down into the man, putting his mouth right next to his ear. "They'll praise me."

"Please! Have mercy!"

"And give you what you gave to no one? Never."

With noticing the begging flash through the man's eyes, Christian pushed the sword harder against the flesh of his neck. Harnessing everything he had, he ripped the sword and then the man fell to the ground, a garnet puddle growing around him.

"You knew the day would come," Christian muttered down at the corpse. He knelt down and grasped the delicate chain hanging around the man's neck. Without a care, he ripped the chain off and stood up again. The chain was covered in blood but it didn't matter. All that mattered was the fact that he had it now. It was the one thing that he had always needed.

Christian glanced up just in time to see it: the twilight, setting over the hills. His hand tightened around the chain and he stared out at the countryside. Finally, all of it was done.

And finally, the twilight was setting on Christian's old life.

Author's Note: yes, it was way short, but you'll see where it goes. I'm still working on the others and I'm going to be updating all of them (and hopefully not DYING in the process) but let me know what you think of this. T'amo molto!