Who would have known that three simple words would be so detrimental to her

But maybe that was the push she needed

To get over it…

…Two months ago…

Yeah, it was time to let go

It was still excruciating though

When just a couple of nights ago

She was filled with the possibility

Of them being together

Oh, the simplicity

Of course life is complicated

And that superb vision she had created

Will remain unbeknownst to him

As the fact that she still sat around

Reminiscing on the explicitly of THAT situation

That had her wailing out in frustration


If only there was a little wand I could pee on.

Plus equals "he likes me."

Negative equals "he doesn't"

Because picking flower petals was played

…But she finally did get her answered…even though it was delayed.

"I don't like you like that."


But wait…

In the stir

Of all those wounding words

He did inadvertently challenge her to reevaluate herself

("But you got to learn to accept yourself before you try to give yourself to someone else.")

Did she really accept herself?

Could she look within herself?

To define herself

To be the confident, strong, Christian woman she proclaimed to be

She thought she could see

This, but everyone else was blind

And this is where the Almighty steps in

To make her realize

He used this boy

So she can comprehend

That she wasn't ready for a relationship

Wasn't ready for the hardships

To commit

If she didn't love herself

How could she love another?

So she extended her hands

Praised him, doing a little dance

"Thank you, Lord!"

Because late in the midnight hour

When her spiritual journey is getting hard

The enemy trying to devour

Her while the boy she adores so

And everyone else she knows

Is sleeping cozy in their beds

She shutters and shakes as she holds herself

Babbling that she can't take this "ish" no more

God comes to holds her

Cuddling her, telling her it's going to be alright

That's what I keep telling her

"It's only a test you're going through"


"God will never leave nor forsake you"

She will overcome this because she's strong

And I know I won't be wrong

I reach out to touch her, touching glass

As I stare at her

I know her sorrow because mine mirrors hers

And this girl I see

This girl

This girl is actually me