Gazing at the precious photograph

Wishing for it back

Longing to be held in your arms

You are amazing

I vaguely remember what it feels like

To be trapped in that embrace

To have that protection

Even if I didn't want it

I took advantage of the present

And didn't think ahead

I didn't think that you would really be leaving

But then you did.

And then there was your return

So graceful

So perfect

So well plotted

So well executed

Give me a taste of that addiction

That bittersweet addiction

And then leave me here


Without you to tell me it's alright

Not that your words should be believed

You are the one causing the deceit

And the hurt

You are the one supplying the sweet drug of love

Because you know I am susceptible to anything you say

Each word that escapes from your lips is miraculous

A work of art

As though you composed each individual letter yourself

Creating the sentences that easily flow off of your tongue

Laughing within yourself as I naively trust each one.

And now you're gone away again

So the withdrawal will return

Short-term pain occurring in intervals

As the thoughts of you overwhelm.