Two way friendship

The first time it's felt

I can talk

As you can

And neither is judged by a biased personality

I'm not longer just the ventee

I am the venter

I can express myself as my true self

And I don't have to worry

Because I know you'll be there

Because that's what best friends do for each other

They listen

Without opinions

With an open ear

And a shoulder to cry on

It's been pretty crazy

And you still haven't left me in the dust

As everybody else has

You listen to what I have to say

As I'm saying it

And you can tell when I'm hurting

It never felt so good

To know that someone was here

Maybe that's because

It's the first time someone has been here

Thank you

I don't know how to thank you

And I don't know how to express how much it means

When you tell me to talk

And you relieve me of that pain

Because it's no longer bottled up inside

You can tell when I fake

When I lie to the world

To not cause any more hurt

To not cause any more pain

Thank you

For knowing me

As me.