Gazing in the doorway

You lie in bed

So peaceful

And you think of how things have been

You think of the choices you've made

With the habits you still have to break

But are too stubborn to acknowledge

Let thought after thought overwhelm

As a tear runs down your cheek

Broken dreams

Broken nightmares

Drifting off to sleep

A dreamless sleep

A painful sleep

With a stabbing hurt knocking you out

Eyes force themselves open

You sit up slowly and look my way

I turn around quickly

Pinning myself to the wall

Not thinking

Not breathing

I was never here at all

Footsteps coming closer

Creaking as you take each pace

My eyes close tightly

Playing the childish game

If I can't see you

Then maybe you can't see me

I feel the soft touch of fingertips to my cheek

And decide that it's time I was seen

Hello there

You beckoned?

Here I am

To help you fix yourself.