I am no good at writing stories ok!? Now this story is one I made up in my mind and think about like, every night. But since I cant think of any good names I'm just gunna use some of my friends names!
Oh yea I'm so smart! Ok warning! I'm also not good with punctuation! So meh! Yes I said meh!

Nyoy is a normal 16 year old girl. Scratch that- She's a very poor but beautiful women who has parents who criticizes every thing she does. doesn't have any friends cant afford to go to school. Cries herself to sleep and well… Life's just hard. Until she meats Talon. Oh and yea he's the perverted type.

I hope you enjoy … I SAID ENJOY!

Nyoy sat in her room. Her soft blue eyes settled on the ceiling. Tears streaming down her face. "why me" she whispered. The sound of her parents yelling at her still rung in her ears. She cringed and pulled her blonde hair into a bun. Using pencils as holders. With the back of her hand, she wiped the tears from her face.

Flash back:

" ok mom all done" Nyoy said quietly.

" these dishes aren't clean! Look they have specks all over them!" her mom yelled.

" but mom there's no more soap left I tried to get them clean"

" WELL TRY HARDER!" she yelled even louder" good for nothing child"


Nyoy stood up and started looking for a pair of jeans. Once she found some she pulled them on. There was no way she was gong to stay in that house. Nyoy's family wasn't the greatest. In fact she believed it was the worst. And that her life was just a test from god. And a test the couldn't even get higher than a D-. She headed out the door and hoped in her … very screwed up car. Where was she going? Not even she knew. She just stepped on the gas petal and took off. She turned up the radio to hear.

" Here I am again,

Talking to myself

Sitting at a red light

both hands on the wheel

how am I supposed to feel?

So much going through my mind

frist you want to be free

now you say you need me

giving mixed signals in size

its so hard to let you in

thinking you might slam the brakes again

Push the petal down

heading out of town

got to make a get away

the traffic in my brain's driving me insane

this is more than I can take

you tell me that you love me first

then throw your heart into reverse

I got to get away!"

Nyoy's POV.
I cringed, I hate Hilary Duff. She's so cute rich and popular! I changed it to something I actually liked. I felt like going somewhere no one else would be. Impossible much? Oh yea…I sighed and made a left. Café time. Even though I had no money and probably didn't have enough gas to get back. But do I really care? No I don't 'cause when I get back home I'm in for a beating anyways. So why hurry? There's no need…

God if only I had a normal-


Oh shitake mushrooms! I jumped out of the car to see who I hit but all I could think was I'm gunna die I'm gunna die!. I looked through the window. It appeared to be a guy. I saw the door open and I freaked.

"ARE YOU OK! Did I hurt you!" I nearly screamed. But all he did was laugh.

" I'm fine I'm fine…I was afraid you got hurt….what with your ..err car?" god just because I was poor they were questioning if my car was an actual car. I glared.

" no it's a monster truck" I said sarcastically .

" oh um I didn't mean to offend"

" well guess what…you did"

"oh.. Sorry…Hey I'm Talon"

And this is when I actually looked at his face.

So how did you like it so far?

Nyoy: ummm I seem rude …

well people are kinda rude to you!

Nyoy: true true

So seriously what do you think? I need an honest opinion? Did talon come in a little to soon?