"Please don't leave." He pleaded as he watched

her extend her arms out to the sky, and as she turned back to look

at hlm with one last tear in her eye, the sun relentlessly burnt her away.

He stood there looking hollow as her feet left the sand, and

in that moment, he thought he heard an echo of her voice;

"Please don't cry, not for the child bride, bound in sophic

white for covet a vow that was only a lie."

Carnal love,

What is to give?

He remembered how she used to come to him in his dreams

after he cried himself to sleep;

Sending pages full of whispers from her temple

to his shrine,

and he would sail them back to her on the waters

of the wind.

"Can you hear me me?"

"Can you hear me calling you ?"

She could bleed the words together until they formed one word.

And if he should ask her to wait for him, well, she just probably might.

Its too bad that the rain doesn't know what the sunshine is like;

And its so sad that her sorrow has never heard her laugh;

and Its a tragedy when the darkness fills the day

and they are worlds away from nowhere.


composed on the back of a napkin

somewhere in a seedy bar;

torn and used was his excuse

as he wrote the lyrics in sentiment for the little shiva.

Thirteen years gone by and he has not seen her;

Coy to the truth and too arrogant now, and yet still too

shy for the mirror, to find her.

Time passes slowly for her somewhere in the east.

A reflection similar to watch as she eats an empty feast.

She caught a glimpse of something familiar and then it flew away.

There's nothing like the past to spoil what she has today.

"I once was loved, I'm sure." She says to no one, no one at all.

"If he could love me like Eros, I would shine like a star."

Her words are like music embossed in a crystal yet

fierce as a wave, like liquid on her tongue.

Thirteen years gone by and now she is a ghost in the hall.

Thirteen years gone by and no one has ever loved her at all.

" I'm waiting." She prays, his photograph held in her grasp,

like a rosary, like sunday or someday, near the the table by her bed.

Memories flush through like a waterfall, well, I'm drwoning in this.

Beneath the skyline

a morning rain begins to flow;

She expected sh would race the sun,

but her body didn't go;

She lie there in denial and believed his words were true,

but fallacy was destined to be torn brfore it ever had the chance to bloom.

So his words struck her soul and crushed her faith;

she felt the blow;

But even then she still loved him more than anyone will ever know.

And they can't say why she did it,

only that she wanted to be free;

So she cut the flesh upon her wrist and let the silence bleed.

So he walks lonely now,

beside himself,

down the streets that take him home;

And his eyes fill with tears as he sees her image fade.

Crushed by faith, he turns away,

The pain within him grows;

"I should have told her that I loved her."

And even then he still craved her, he did

truly love her more than anyone will ever know.

Love is such a hazy dream

as one man stands alone.

To each new season born,

he will continue to grow

stretching his petals towards the sun in hopes the warmth

will be submissive-

Love knows no bounds

that is a given.

She had a hard autumn and she froze into a cold winter.

Spring conceived a small bud inside him and summer

took it with her.

His heart is heavy

his head hung low

as they carry her casket through the new fallen snow.