Stolen Heart Syndrome

When I was but a young boy,
A beam of sunshine fell from the sky,
And stole my heart,

Many years passed by,
I lived a half life,
With nothign but a hole where my heart should be,

But then,
One winters day,
I met a girl,

She was not unlike my beam of sunshine,
And so I hid my hole away,
And I wooed her and I seduced her,

And I treated her like nothing,
And as she lay crumpled at my feet,
Crying at how I hurt her so,

I just reached into her shirt,
Reached into her chest,
And I ripped her heart out,

These days,
I keep her in my attic,
A pretty little doll,

With sparkling eyes and sparkling tears,
I like to show her off,
Her and my replacement heart,

And all my friends clap,
Every single one,
And all of them clap in time,
To the beats of their own stolen hearts,